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10 month old suddenly refusing to breast feed

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beckypay Thu 05-May-05 21:00:23

My 10 month old has suddenly started to refuse breastfeeding. She has been teething all week and in a lot of pain. Last night for the first time ever she refused breast feeding. I panicked, thinking she wouldn't sleep all night and poured formula from a cup into her mouth. She took about 4 ounces. Tonight has been the same, although she took about 6 ounces. She has been fine in herself, eating enough and I gave her 6 petite filous to make sure she had enough calcium today. Anyone had the same problem?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 05-May-05 21:04:27

Sounds like a nursing strike. Do you want to keep breastfeeding? Do you want to move to formula?

There are some tips here , for getting her feeding again.

katzguk Thu 05-May-05 21:12:41

my DD did this at about 10 months, i took it as self weaning and went with it, she slowly drop a feed a week and by 11 months was fully off of the breast. If you want to finish breast feeding, i found this made it feel so guilt free because it was her decision

zebraX Thu 05-May-05 21:14:54

And if you do want to continue br'feeding I would cut the formula & just try to coax her back on when you both have a quiet, peaceful moment.

I yelled at DS2 for biting me the other day & he refused to nurse for about 4 hours afterwards, he really wanted to, but was afraid. Finally he summed up his courage & hasn't bitten me since, either.

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