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Still emotional 9months after giving birth

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jakeybob Wed 04-May-05 13:51:21

I would like to know how I can stop crying. I went shopping last week, got to the till and realised I'd forgotten my purse and began to blubber. Anything can set me off, many of them quite silly. I never used to be like this. I am still bf and do wonder if it's the hormones and will I have to put up with this until my son stops!

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 04-May-05 13:53:01

Do you think it could be PND, jakeybob?

jakeybob Wed 04-May-05 13:55:52

I don't know? I've suffered with depression in the past and it didn't feel like this.

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 04-May-05 14:03:04

Do you cry alot?

How do you cope other than the crying?

fastasleep Wed 04-May-05 14:08:54

Until about 3 months after I stopped breastfeeding I cried at everything and blushed incredibly easily for some reason.. I just felt generally strange! Then I got pregnant and I'm even worse lol.... but I'd say it was the breastfeeding - it made me weird! As long as there are no other 'symptoms'

jakeybob Wed 04-May-05 14:20:01

I'm fine otherwise. I was told I'd be more tearful after birth due to hormones all over the place. Does bf cause them to stay like this? I have no-one to ask as all my friends and family bottle fed. I will cry at anything, can be sad or happy. It's very annoying esp when I'm out, people look at me strangely and are a bit embarrassed.

fastasleep Wed 04-May-05 14:21:54

I think it wears off eventually! As long as you don't get in a cycle of breastfeeding - getting pregnant - breastfeeding etc then you'll be crying buckets for years like me!

jakeybob Wed 04-May-05 14:22:12

Thanks fastasleep. It's good to know Im normal.

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