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Help me compile a list of essential (and non essential) breast feeding items.

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suwoo Sat 16-May-09 19:11:04

I am so determined that I am going to successfully feed DS2 due in July after not being successful with the other two. I have had a breast reduction which may go against me but other than that, I really want to give it a good go.

I will take it one feed at a time and have already visited a la Leche counsellor and know the details of the baby bistro.

I have a pillow, a pump, breasts grin.

What else do I need to get? I am thinking nipple shields for worst case scenario and lansinoh.

What else?

misdee Sat 16-May-09 19:12:53


a cabbage


PeppermintPatty Sat 16-May-09 19:13:48

Breast pads, nursing bras, muslin clothes, baggy tops for easy access

NBM Sat 16-May-09 19:14:24

breastpads, nipple cream, help with your other DC and housework etc! smile

snickersnack Sat 16-May-09 19:15:22

I was going to post "breasts" but you beat me to it. Otherwise, Lansinoh was invaluable for me. Tops that you can lift up easily - don't waste your money on breastfeeding tops, they are hideous and actually not very practical. That's it, really.

TheProvincialLady Sat 16-May-09 19:15:53

If we are thinking worst case scenario then a small feeding cup (Medela do them for about £1 I think) or a teaspoon and the means of sterilising them. So if your baby won't latch on or needs top ups you can use your EBM to do it and avoid the bottle.

Meglet Sat 16-May-09 19:17:32

Bottle of water you can wedge next to you on the sofa.
Ideas for food you can eat with just a fork, I found penne pasta + sauce easy, just the odd drop on dd's head blush.
I preferred breastfeeding vests to the bra's. H+M do some good value ones.
Breast feeding shells are fun (but I don't know the professionals opinion on them). I used to tuck them in my vest to give my nipples some air then walk around tapping my finger nails on the shells grin.

All the best this time round, when it works its lovely.

HumphreyCobbler Sat 16-May-09 19:18:07

the phone number of your local bf counsellor just in case.

PeppermintPatty Sat 16-May-09 19:20:16

Agree with the cup, and teaspoon. I also used a syringe at one point too (you get them in chemists for given medicine to babies).

HeadFairy Sat 16-May-09 19:21:11

I found my v shaped cushion really helpful but I do have large norks so that might have been why. I'm assuming as you've had a reduction that you won't have that problem.

DS was ridiculously slow at feeding (still is 20 months on) so I used to watch loads of dvds while feeding. Very useful to have something to laugh at when you're doing your third feed of the night at 5am!

kitkatqueen Sat 16-May-09 19:21:27

The only thing not on your list that I find an absolute necessity is breastpads and killer bra. I don't like the disposable ones, they are bleached uncomfortable (to me ) and v expensive, I find the washable ones much nicer.

As for bras with my 1st 2 babies I used the saggy booby mothercare bras, with no3 thankfully I discovered that underwires are safe and felt sooo much more comfortable, get fitted properly.

this is the website that helped me with fitment the most and I now buy underwired t shirt bras and modify them into breastfeeding drop cups. Good luck!

ilovemydogandMrObama Sat 16-May-09 19:21:59


Good b/fing bra -- Bravado tanks are good.

fledtoscotland Sat 16-May-09 19:26:47

Good bras (i like Miriam Stoppard ones from Debenhams - avoid mothercare like the plague)
Breastpads, breastpads and then some more breastpads

unless you are going to express, i wouldnt bother with a breastpump. they are expensive and will just end up on ebay

re the breastfeeding tops - H&M have some nice cheap tops that dont look frumpy. tbh i just pull up my t-shirt. if I'm having a fat day I just wear a cardie or jacket so you cant see anything from the side

and the other essential is a large packet of biscuits. in the early days you will surgically attached to the sofa or bed breastfeeding all the time. proper meals will be a distant memory for the first fortnight

suwoo Sat 16-May-09 19:32:57

I got the pump FFP from a very kind MNetter. I will probably go with the vest underneath top thing for modesty (if there is such a thing). I am still fairly big, but pertish. I don't have nipples that are underneath, they are high up. I am normally a 30F, now wearing a 32G, so am limited to Bravissimo and favour underwired.

What about those <<whispers>> dummies that are more like the nipple than normal ones? I am really talking worst case scenario here.

Also, are the breast shells the ones that catch any milk? I might go for those as I'm not sure if I'll be able to express, I'm expecting supply issues.

fledtoscotland Sat 16-May-09 19:38:38

i dont think dummies are recommended for the first month or so - something to do with nipple confusion. however with DS2 he sucked anything and everything and wasnt fussy. we are still BFing at nearly 9months grin

i dont know anything about breast reduction but i think fennel tea improves supply as does fenugreek.

have you looked at

its the best breastfeeding website there is and full of proper, research-based information

Meglet Sat 16-May-09 19:40:28

Breast shells do catch the milk but I think you'd have to be pretty organised to manage it. You're not meant to wear them for very long (30 mins or so) so they'd need to be sterlised first.

You can have mine if you want, they are washable and sterlisable and packed up in the box again. I won't need them anymore. They are quite good for the comedy value of drumming on your nipples if nothing else grin. I'm on the mn fb group if you want to add me and give me your address.

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 16-May-09 19:41:35

Message withdrawn

suwoo Sat 16-May-09 19:47:04

Thank you Meglet, I will take them if you've finished with them, I'm

Fledto, yes I have been on Kellymom, there is also a dedicated bf after reduction website which has been really useful.

Starlight, I know there are no essentials apart from breasts as such, but I am worried that this might not work due to not doing so the last two occasions and the lack of support from DH and the breast reduction. The more 'things' I have in my armoury the better IMO.

I hope you understand.

fledtoscotland Sat 16-May-09 19:47:05

Have actually thought of the essential no-one has mentioned.

a baby grin

HeadFairy Sat 16-May-09 19:49:59

or.... a comfy sofa

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 16-May-09 19:51:51

Message withdrawn

suwoo Sat 16-May-09 19:52:44

Oh yeah, the actual baby. Good one fledto, never would have crossed my mind grin

lilymolly Sat 16-May-09 19:55:30


Dummy (yes i lnow the are not recommended, but they have worked for both of mine, instead of sucking on me all day)

Old plastic bottle filled with juice to have next to you cos you will be thirsty.

Pregnancy/maternity belly bands so when you lift your top up, you will not show your strechmarked jelly belly grin

Breastfeeding tops



Muslin clothes

madameovary Sat 16-May-09 19:59:16

Remote Control grin
Re breastfeeding tops - I just made a couple of strategically placed cuts in an old close-fitting top with another looser one over it. Pull up the top one + you're pretty much covered up, and so is your belly!

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 16-May-09 20:01:51

Message withdrawn

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