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16 month old still bf - will not drink from a cup, how to wean?

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Socci Sun 01-May-05 11:24:19

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Sun 01-May-05 11:30:13

I'll be shot down again I think, but what I did to begin weaning the DTs was to go away for the weekend. They were not left without as they had daddy, milk in the fridge and they all had a great time. DH said that the first night was hard, but the babies actually took to bottles and cups because there was no alternative. I don't know if it would work for you. The thing is sometimes we allow our hearts to break for our little darlings who are simply getting what they always want, their own way.

If she'll only have from an open cup, then maybe that's the way to go (though I can imagine it's really frustrating to have to keep guard over the drink). Have you tried different cups like the one that looks like a water bottle, different teats etc.? I'm sure that you have and don't really know what else to suggest. I'm going away for a weekend at the end of June and that will be the last time I breastfeed. A little sad and strangely liberating at the same time.

I wish you luck and hope that you get advice that works, be it from me or someone else.

emkana Sun 01-May-05 11:31:32

I think you might find that if you leave it a bit it will probably get easier not harder. At your dd's stage they are at their most passionate about b/feeding, but after about eighteen months it becomes much easier to "find a way out". They then start to understand things like "later" "not until bedtime" "not until it's dark" or whatever rules you want to impose, and then you can take it from there.
I'm not surprised that she's not interested in a cup - why use a cup when you have much more attractive containers to offer?
The thing they say with toddlers is to try "don't offer - don't refuse". Whenever possible try to distract, offer other snacks, other drinks, try to get Daddy to take her attention away from you... In time it will work, really.

If you feel very strongly that you need to stop now have a look at The Times online - the woman from Little Angels answered exactly your question in her parenting advice column last week. You need to find last Monday's edition, that's where it was in.

Socci Sun 01-May-05 13:29:30

Message withdrawn

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