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Avent Isis IQ duo, anyone tried it?

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chipmonkey Sat 30-Apr-05 20:32:51

Looks great! New electric pump from avent for double pumping. I want one! (but then I want everything I see!)

Leogaela Mon 02-May-05 20:45:06

Chipmonkey, did you get it? i find the hand pump really messy, get loads of milk dribbling out of the bottom. Would love to know if this one is any better.

chipmonkey Mon 02-May-05 20:51:40

No leogala, havbe decided not to get it till July cos thats when I'm going back to work. Also ds3 is being v.difficult at the mo, refusing the bottle even though he took it happily from birth. I think if you screw the adaptor on crookedly that's usually why it leaks. Also found the newest model of Isis better than the old one for not leaking

Leogaela Tue 03-May-05 12:30:40

Thanks chipmonkey. The problem is that the milk dribbles out of the rubber bit that you have to put over the boob unless I lean forward which makes it awkward to pump adn uncomfortable after a couple of minutes. But I have just read the thread on mixed feeding - I was worried about expressing when I go back to work. After reading this I guess I may not have to and can give morning and night feeds from breast. And I am not at all concerned about giving a bottle or two of formula during the day if he needs it.

chipmonkey Wed 04-May-05 11:57:02

Oh I see, Leogaela, yes, I've had milk go in between the massage bit and the funnel but never had it come all the way out the top. The design of the electric one looks exactly the same as the hand one except that its connected to the power source and there's a second pump for the other boob so I'd say if you are having trouble with the hand-pump the other one wouldn't be any better. Hard to know if I should get it at all, this baby is so stubborn. My niece was the same, she refused the bottle, and then eventually when she did take the bottle she then refused the breast so my sis had to give up! Have a feeling this guy might be the same! And if I did have to give up, it would have been a lot of money to spend on a pump.

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