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Breastfeeding pillow for twins - any recommendations?

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mears Sat 30-Apr-05 20:00:05

A friend is planning to breastfeed twins and I thought a pillow might help. Anyone use one? Does it help?

nailpolish Sat 30-Apr-05 20:37:31

hi mears

i used the v pillow from blooming marvellous, (although not for twins!) its really big and plumpy, might just be a big enough size for twins. went right round my sides, would imagine you could tuck a baby under each arm

washable covers too

hope this helps

mears Sat 30-Apr-05 20:44:20

Thanks nailpolish. I was thinking of the one that ties round your waist and is inflatable, EZ-2-nurse, but I can only see it advertised on US sites.
If I can't locate it in UK, I will go with your suggestion. I am sure I had seen it mentioned on mumsnet before but can't find previous thread.

hunkermunker Sun 01-May-05 01:05:50

the ez-2-nurse pillow is sold on this site based in the UK - it's £38

Kelly1978 Tue 03-May-05 07:42:19

I had a v shaped pillow to start with, but I find it easier to feed them both pointing the same way rather than both round my back.

I have one on my right breast in the normal positiion, across my body, and the second lays on my left breast, int he rugby hold, with his head above the first ones feet, going onto the arm of the sofa or a fat cushion if I'm in bed.

This way I can hold them both with one hand/arm and have the other free. IMO this is far better and more comfortable, than having both in the rugby hold.

And the V shaped pillow is in Argos for under £10.

MarsLady Tue 03-May-05 08:04:05

You can get a V pillow for about £5 in Argos. Wonderful. I wouldn't buy one esp produced for twins. The price is extortionate! Very handy though!

MarsLady Tue 03-May-05 08:09:42

there you go, V pillow £6.99

mears Tue 03-May-05 09:35:32

Thanks for that.

mears Wed 04-May-05 23:10:07

Friend had babies todat - induction at 37+ weels. Girl weighig 7lb 14 oz. Boy weighng 6lb 7oz. Both babies normal deliveries. She has 2 boys already

MarsLady Wed 04-May-05 23:50:54

good weight for twins. Well done and congratulations to her.

nailpolish Thu 05-May-05 07:33:49

wow - what good weights for her babies. well done her. hope all are well xxx

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 07:46:37

Wow, she did well. Congrats to her, and good luck as she gets through the next few weeks with twins!

Tissy Thu 05-May-05 08:52:30

mears, I've got one of these , if your friend wants to give it a try!

mears Thu 05-May-05 11:55:55

Thanks Tissy - she has the Argos one which is similar. Not sure how she is getting on - will need to phone.

Tissy Thu 05-May-05 12:04:16

mears- my pillow is huge (so good for bilateral feeding?) and full of tiny little beads, not fibre. Very comfy indeed, but not portable in an out-of-the-house kind of way! Let me know if you want to give it a shot!

mears Thu 05-May-05 12:13:30

Will do Tissy. Thanks.

mears Sat 07-May-05 19:07:37

No need for pillow. Now bottle feeding.

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