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MollyMooMin Thu 28-Apr-05 19:06:05

My DD is 16 weeks old & bottlefed sma white. She's been on 8-9oz every 6 hours for ages (24oz a day). Although she drains her bottles, if we give her more, she brings up more! How many oz are anyone elses 4 month olds on?

Hazellnut Thu 28-Apr-05 20:35:37

I've read in a couple of places it should be 2 to 2 1/2 ounces per pound in 24 hours. But I guess as long as she is happy, growing and sleeping then that should be ok ?!

chipmonkey Sun 01-May-05 01:51:26

When ds3 was in SCBU it was 150ml per 1 kg weight of baby

Seona1973 Sun 01-May-05 12:35:04

Can I ask why you are feeding every 6 hours? That seems an awful long time between feeds. Your lo is probably really hungry by the time they have their feed and that is why they are draining the bottles. They may still be hungry after draining the bottle but as they only have a small tummy, if they take any more they are then sick as they cant take that amount of fluid in one sitting.

I would recommend not going too much more than 4 hours between feeds in the day. That way your lo gets more milk in during the day without having to take huge bottles to get it. This would also mean that they may sleep a bit longer at night too and could help cut down on night wakings due to hunger (I assume your lo still has a feed at night)

colditz Sun 01-May-05 13:57:41

I would suggest you take her off the sma white, put her back on the gold, and feed her more frequently. She seems stuck in a cycle of being really hungry by the time she doe feed, drinking far too much, then throwing up because her stomach cannot handle it.

HTH, good luck.

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