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She laughs at milk!!

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spod Wed 27-Apr-05 21:05:02

I stopped bf my 18 month dd 10 days ago, not oo traumatic, she only asked for a few days, now she knows its not what we do anymore, she was only having an early morning feed. But when I give her milk in a cup she laughs at it and wont drink any! she has it on breakfast cereal but I cant get it into her any other way. She has never taken it from a cup or bottle.... any tips on how to get her to take it?

PrettyCandles Wed 27-Apr-05 21:15:39

Don't bother - make sure she eats lots of cheese, yogurt, food cooked with milk or sauces with milk; also greens, dried apricots, sesame seeds/tahina, tinned sardines with bones.

You could try milk again in perhaps a new and exciting cup in a few weeks time. At this age, as I'm sure you've experienced, the little tyrants learn exactly how to push our buttons, and if you seem bothered about gettingher to drink milk, you can be sure she won't.

spod Wed 27-Apr-05 21:25:44

i even give her a choccie biscuit to have with it.... and yes she eats that and shoves the milk away... chuckling to her little self!

PrettyCandles Wed 27-Apr-05 21:27:19

It's a power game and only she can win.

Unless you play it one your terms.

spod Wed 27-Apr-05 21:38:05

my sister had same problem with her dd.... she resorted to adding nesquick to it! not sure i really wanna do that!

spoons Sat 30-Apr-05 12:39:21

Oh my god, I am having the same problem. DD is 9 mths and I have gradually dropped BF whilst introducing solids in the last 3 mths, still pushes away cups, bottles, mummy's glass etc, she just won't be fooled. My mother says its a battle of wills, but I am the one that ends up getting upset as I worry she is not getting the calcium and vits in formula milk. I am only doing one BF, and that is the one before bedtime. I am worrying already how to drop this one as its the most cuddly. The little bit of formula I manage to get down her each day has to be accompanied by food to make her thirsty otherwise she just clamps up. Has never liked any bottles from the start, tried her at 12 wks and been persevering ever since. At the end of my tether ............ will drink water out of beaker with spout, again, but only with food.

chipmonkey Sat 30-Apr-05 22:46:37

What about milkshakes with strawberries/bananas? My kids drink these. But they're older.

spod Sat 30-Apr-05 22:59:55

someone suggested i make her a smoothie... may give that a go!

saadia Sat 30-Apr-05 23:14:25

I too was desperate and ended up spoonfeeding milk to ds1 from the age of one when I dropped bf. Very time-consuming and boring - but managed to get 10oz down him in a day, 5 mid-morning and five mid-afternoon. He had 5oz in breakfast cereal and the rest in yogurts or banana milk-shakes.

My problem was that he was a very very pathetic eater, never hungry, never ate more than a few bites of anything and is still quite puny. If he had had more interest in food I probably wouldn't have bothered with the milk.

bonym Sun 01-May-05 12:55:44

Agree with prettycandles, don't worry about it - dd1 refused to drink milk at about the same age and has only recently started again (just turned 7!). I always made sure she had lots of other calcium-rich foods such as yoghurt & cheese and she is very healthy (not been to the GP in over 3years and only one day sick off school since she started at 4).

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