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Hot Milk sale until midnight tomorrow

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DitaVonCheese Wed 22-Apr-09 19:37:45

Just posted this in another thread but worth repeating

Sale on at until midnight tomorrow and I think I get an incentive if you're kind enough to enter my email when you register (jenniestevenson at I have both the pink and grey bras and they're lovely.

MrsHD Thu 23-Apr-09 20:07:37

Wow, thank you - have just had to make no effort whatsoever to convince DH I need new, sexy underwear lol!

DitaVonCheese Thu 23-Apr-09 20:48:15

Hee hee - glad to be of service grin

CherryChoc Fri 24-Apr-09 14:07:08

Aw, am annoyed I missed this now

DitaVonCheese Fri 24-Apr-09 16:28:38

Sorry Might be worth having a Google because I've seen the pink one being sold for half price in a few different places now (certainly didn't pay full price for any of my HM stuff!).

DitaVonCheese Tue 23-Jun-09 12:20:56

Bump - they have a mixed lingerie sale on (scroll down a bit) which includes some Hot Milk stuff. Though I think you have about four days left on this one, so perhaps I should just start a new thread ...

DitaVonCheese Tue 23-Jun-09 18:53:47


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