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14 week old fussy and crying after feeds?

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hummingbird123 Mon 25-Apr-05 11:42:43

At 12 wks D's started fussing over bottle, pushing it out & cries when I try and feed her. So I have changed to a faster teat, and althou slightly happier & takes 5-7 ounces each time, its' a real battle, and sometimes cries during and after (don't think its wind as I always manage to burp her well) I thought as she got older (and her digestive system matured) she wouldn't be in any discomfort when eating? I have even checked her mouth to see if she could be teething, and doesn't want bottle because of sore gums??? Or when they become more alert etc, do they become harder to feed?! Any idea's or advice would be greatly appreciated, I am worried I may be missing something she is trying to tell me.

hummingbird123 Mon 25-Apr-05 11:45:45

btw - d's is now 14 wks

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