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Protect me, protect my baby - breastfeeding picnic 20/07/09

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BouncingTurtle Thu 09-Apr-09 10:25:32

For you Facebook people

Morgan Gallagher's blog

Last year (for those of you not in the know) Morgan, who champions infant feeding rights and has helped draw attention to situations at Yarl's Wood Detention centre when breastfed babies had been forcibly separated from their mothers, has organised another breastfeeding picnic this year, following on from the success of last year's.
She has also done another petition with regards to legislation protecting infant feeding here which I urge you all to sign - it will be presented to Downing Street on the day of the picnic.
Please attend (either virtually or in person if you can), if you can't make it to London, please check the facebook event for links to the regional events. I am organising the North East of England picnic which will be in Durham City Centre.
The picnic itself will consist of you bringing a packed lunch for yourself and children!
It went very well last year there was no trouble at all and an enjoyable time was had by all!
There was some press presence as well and I am hoping to organise some more for this year's picnic too!

Please note that you are very welcome to attend regardless of how you choose to feed your baby.
This isn't about breast vs formula - it's about protecting mothers' rights to feed their children as they choose (Gregg's sausage rolls & fruit shoots excepted wink)

Thank you all!!

North easters I will do a Facebook event but I have been ridiculously busy lately shock

BouncingTurtle Thu 09-Apr-09 10:27:08

Oops sorry forgot the link to the petition!
here it is!

wahwah1270 Thu 09-Apr-09 11:00:29

thanks for that, dd and i have made a note of the london one.

SleepMeNot Fri 10-Apr-09 06:35:28

Hi BT,

Cool! My 17 month old is self-weaning which means unless she suddenly changes her mind, I wont be able to come and feed, but can I still come? I live in Durham...

foxytocin Fri 10-Apr-09 08:53:50

will be there.

have you seen the Durham meetup thread, Sleepmenot?

DitaVonCheese Sat 11-Apr-09 00:17:42

There don't seem to be many regional picnics - are they hard to set up (or have I just missed them?)?

BouncingTurtle Sat 11-Apr-09 11:25:24

Sleepmenot - oh yes, please come!!
DitaVonCheese - we've only just announced things, there are still picnics to organised.. and volunteers wanted to organise them (hint, hint wink).

DitaVonCheese Sat 11-Apr-09 19:28:22

I'd be happy to give it a go, just didn't want to step on anyone's toes! smile

I'm in Warrington so guess could do Manchester, Liverpool or Warrington, if I'm needed.

thisisyesterday Sat 11-Apr-09 19:41:19

ooh fab, will try and get to london one

LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs Sat 11-Apr-09 19:46:50

smile Jotted it down in my diary, thanks smile

DitaVonCheese Sun 12-Apr-09 09:19:25

Bump smile

LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs Sun 12-Apr-09 11:30:32


BouncingTurtle Sat 18-Apr-09 17:39:13

Finally gotten around to creating an event on Facebook grin

I miss the bunnies

FinalFurlong Sat 18-Apr-09 21:54:31

i am in cheshire, would love to take part in a liverpool, manchester one!

pookamoo Fri 24-Apr-09 12:29:01

I'll volunteer to arrange a local one! Will need to namechange or I'll out myself though.

StealthPolarBear Fri 24-Apr-09 12:30:19

ooh yu didn't mention this on the other thread
I'll be there, I hope!

pooter Fri 24-Apr-09 12:50:21

come to ours!! last year was good fun smile colchester

DitaVonCheese Fri 24-Apr-09 12:55:27

<waves at FinalFurlong> grin

I've emailed them about a Manc/'Pool/Warrington picnic, haven't heard anything back yet though.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Fri 24-Apr-09 13:26:31

All done! will try to picnic with you all this year, but I can't work out when the school hols are going to start! will it be from the 20th? do you think? hmm

CherryChoc Fri 24-Apr-09 13:36:15

Any in the Midlands yet? Preferably Warwickshire!

LuluLulabelle Fri 24-Apr-09 13:59:42

Dita, I'll attend your NW one too!

LuluLulabelle Fri 24-Apr-09 13:59:42

Dita, I'll attend your NW one too!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 24-Apr-09 14:01:25

Any in South Wales?

DitaVonCheese Fri 24-Apr-09 17:55:32

<waves at LuluLulabelle> Yay! grin

Btw, am I right in thinking you came over here from a more lilac board? If so, then I'm Looby <raises dark glasses> Apologies if that makes no sense to you!

Peachy Fri 24-Apr-09 17:58:59

IwishIwasMore I wanted a S Wales one as well, if you hear of ojne can you let me know? Ta. Will be alst year I am both available and BF (sad) so REALLY would like to do one even if it emans a drive

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