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breastfed baby won't take to bottle!!

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saf1 Sat 23-Apr-05 15:54:06

Any tips on how to get my 10 week old to take a bottle of expressed milk? I really would like a break just once in a while.
I had no problems with first daughter so this is new territory for me.

Caligula Sat 23-Apr-05 16:00:17

Try and get someone else to give her the bottle, so that she can't smell you.

I'm sure there'll be loads of other tips coming up!

saf1 Sat 23-Apr-05 16:02:34

;) Yep did that already my husband tried but she just kept spitting out the teat.
Any more ideas?

chipmonkey Sat 23-Apr-05 16:45:33

Have a look at this bottle . I haven't tried it but someone on MN has and found it good.

honeybunny Sat 23-Apr-05 17:13:02

Nothing positive to add I'm afraid, my dd, now 20weeksold has refused to take any milk from a bottle, despite trying from about 14days old. She has managed an ounce from me from a bottle (once at about 10weeks) but otherwise just mouths the teat. She will absolutely have nothing to do with dh as far as feeding is concerned, only I will do apparantly.

moondog Sat 23-Apr-05 17:25:15

Try putting your finger under her chin as you feed (my mother taught me this one). Have you tried giving ebm in a cup and/or squeezing a bit into her mouth?

motherinferior Sat 23-Apr-05 18:11:29

A cheapo brown teat did the job - finally - for me. Best of luck, sweetie, been there with dd2, it was awful but DID get there in the end.

loujay Sat 23-Apr-05 18:30:17

I sympathise as my dd was exactly the same, unfortunately for months until I found the NUK teat, try it its meant to be nipple shaped (although I would cringe if I thought mine were like this!!)
Hope all goes well

saf1 Sat 23-Apr-05 20:40:51

Thanks for all your advice. I will try the NUK teat next.
Not sure where to get it from have tried loads of others so it's worth a go. I'll have a look in Mothercare for one.
Do they fit most standard Avent bottles?
Thanks again and I'll let you all knoiw how I get on.

chipmonkey Mon 25-Apr-05 12:00:04

Saf, Nuk teats don't fit the avent bottles, they're for narrow-necked bottles.

FLUM Mon 25-Apr-05 12:01:50

Nope, mine had thism, just wouldn't

you could take out a second mortgage and try 10 different teats, didn't work for me though.

bandbsmum Mon 25-Apr-05 12:53:35

I can sympathise totally. I had this problem with my ds, so was determined not to with my dd and starting giving her one bottle of formula a day from 5 weeks. This was going fine until she got to about 16 weeks; the day after her 3rd injection she refused to take the bottle, and is still refusing (she's now 6 months!) I've got a cupboard full of different teats, but they don't seem to make any difference! Going to try again this week, as I keep leaving it a couple of weeks between attempts. If all else fails, she drinks water from a beaker, so I'll try giving her milk out of it.

Tipex Mon 25-Apr-05 21:53:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

philippat Mon 25-Apr-05 22:00:53

had a nostalgic search through the archives to find this one I posted Aug 2002....

I'm sorry to say time is really the only solution (or so we found!). It does get better, I promise (I remember when we were incredibly happy if dd took 1oz from bottle), but to be honest I found dd was never super super happy with the bottle until I totally gave up b/f (but that's no reason to give up).

Here's a few suggestions that sort of worked for us:
- variflow latex teats, orthodontic shaped (mothercare do them)
- disposable steribottles (much softer teat)
- give her a raisin to chew
- feed her the bottle outside
- water the bottle milk down (but keep aware of how much she is drinking!)
- if she likes water/juice from cup try this in bottle when she doesn't need milk feed
- if she takes water from cup, try milk from cup instead of bottle
- if you're giving formula rather than EBM, try a taste test to get one that tastes OK to you
- get into a rhythm of not b/f at certain feed so you don't get letdown which dd can smell
- put perfume on your neck so she smells this instead of you and breastmilk
- supposedly cherry shaped dummies help, but not for us!

Giving in and feeding her probably does make it worse - she can't possibly need the milk just after 6oz bottle so try going out somewhere you'd be embarrased breastfeeding so you aren't tempted.

Good luck...

spilla Thu 07-Jul-05 09:34:30

Have you tried the Tommy Tippee NUBY slow flow its the only one my dd will have un her mouth - now can't find a formula she likes!!!!!!!!!!1

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