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Night Sweats go on and on and on - help

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edgarcat Mon 14-Apr-03 10:52:12

Message withdrawn

Treesy Mon 14-Apr-03 17:03:16

never had night sweats before no 3 (now 12 weeks). Had them even on frosty nights and they stopped at about 10 weeks. Don't panic but drink lots of water.

DonnaLouise Tue 15-Apr-03 21:05:05

I was experiencing night sweats just before christmas and had a blood test to check out my hormones - this came back normal but I don't agree with it - thought blood need culturing for longer.

they just went (after accupuncture, admittedly...) agree with treesy - drink lots.

hope they stop soon.

nits Sat 19-Apr-03 12:41:43

No I don't think you are dim! I have now converted to a 4.5 tog duvet (much to hubby's annoyance!) I never suffered with night sweats till I had my third child, Caleb, in February. I thought it was just because I'd put on loads of weight I didn't realise it was a common thing till I read this bulletin board! Amazing what you find out eh?

edgarcat Sun 20-Apr-03 10:44:41

Message withdrawn

deegward Thu 24-Apr-03 21:03:35

I thought it was just me, and have been turning heating down etc. Didn't know it was connected to being a mommy! God I'm dim

codswallop Wed 02-Jul-03 18:36:52

I have just noticed that I havent had these for ages! Hoorah

Must have asted for 8 weeks I think

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