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Touchy 16wk old

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CheekyGirl Wed 20-Apr-05 16:09:57

Any ideas???

Ds has always been a touchy feeder, not liking any noise whilst feeding etc

Whilst staying at my parents, he went on a day long feeding strike. I got round it by swaddling him and feeding him whilst he was almost asleep.

Trouble is, he still insists on this even though we've been home 2 weeks!! Sometimes it works out ok, and he is gaining weight well, but it's a bit restrictive as we always have to be at home and he always has to be swaddled and sleepy for a feed.

Whenever I try to feed him normally, he sucks for a few seconds and then cries and won't feed any more even though he still seems hungry.

Should I just carry on doing what I have been, or should I stop swaddling him etc and hope that if he's hungry, he'll eat??

Don't know what to do for the best.

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