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giving up breastfeeding after 13 years

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JanH Wed 20-Apr-05 09:33:15

yes, 13 years, not 13 months (more than one child though ): Guardian article.

JulieF Wed 20-Apr-05 09:49:12

Wow!! Credit to the woman!!!!

flamesparrow Wed 20-Apr-05 10:24:05

Wow! Wonder what they look like.....

yoyo Wed 20-Apr-05 10:32:45

Just totted up how long in total I have fed mine and it is over 7 years and ongoing (eldest DD is 9). Rather shocked when I saw it in black and white. I'd rather not say how they look but the opposite of pert would be a fair description.

bobbybob Wed 20-Apr-05 10:33:51

Woman in NZ has 15 children and breastfed for 30 years in total. Respect to that woman.

cellogirl Wed 20-Apr-05 10:34:04

Spaniels ears no doubt!!!!

Fair play to her though, I don't see why people have such a problem with extended bf.

Dophus Wed 20-Apr-05 13:52:19

Sorry - but I still find seeing a toddler feeding slightly disturbing. I know it shouldn't be and I'm not judgemenatal about it. It just doesn't look right!

mogwai Wed 20-Apr-05 14:18:14

reminds me of that sketch in little britain....bitty anyone? eeew

cellogirl Wed 20-Apr-05 17:19:36

My DP always says "Will wants some Bitty" when ds wants a feed. I could sock him one for it!!!

hoxtonchick Wed 20-Apr-05 17:25:17

i thought it was an excellent article.

morningpaper Wed 20-Apr-05 17:26:30

I thought it was a great article too.

Passion Wed 20-Apr-05 17:56:07

Sorry - I know I'm going to be lambasted for this but I think it's slightly gross to be feeding a toddler who can say 'that side is empty now'. Makes my stomach churn. Can't help thinking he will be a nightmare boyfriend later on with a mother fixation. I await all your cries of outrage...

ggglimpopo Wed 20-Apr-05 18:08:57

Message withdrawn

dropinthe Wed 20-Apr-05 18:16:21

Frizbe Wed 20-Apr-05 18:20:48


crazyandconfused Wed 20-Apr-05 18:26:40

Great job! what an article!Well done to all of the mums who can and do breast feed! you all do a great job!

bobbybob Wed 20-Apr-05 20:06:57

It's a shame really that Little Britain has been more informative about extended feeding than a well written and unemotional article in The Guardian.

Why is it so terrible that your kids can thank you, tell you you are empty on one side, remember being fed etc?

I'm sure the people that say "normal" actually mean "usual" - I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

whatsername Wed 20-Apr-05 20:23:16

Wow, very impressive, sad that her husband isn't supportive.

30 years is quite an achievement too! The woman deserves a sainthood!

zebraX Wed 20-Apr-05 20:36:05

She's a mumsnetter, you guys should know. Although she told me she tries not to log on, because she can't get herself off again!

zebraX Wed 20-Apr-05 20:36:56

oops, didn't read all the messages properly, the 13 year woman is a MNetter, don't know about the New Zealander!

bobbybob Wed 20-Apr-05 21:49:24

Passion - my ds is 26 months and still

sleeps in a cot
cannot dress himself
wears nappies
needs his food cut up for him

BUT just because he can say "thank you" after a breastfeed and walk away afterwards he is too old?

He is still a baby in more ways than he isn't, I'll have to wait a few years and get back to you on whether he becomes a pervert.

pixiefish Wed 20-Apr-05 22:11:47

Very impressed with Joanna Moorhead. Very well done.

marthamoo Wed 20-Apr-05 22:19:40

Jan, I wish you would stop beating me to putting up Guardian links - that's the second time

I buy it in the morning but don't get to read the damn thing 'til the kids have gone to bed - I don't stand a chance!

stitch Wed 20-Apr-05 22:44:29

passion, im very pro breastfeeding, but i agree with you.

JanH Wed 20-Apr-05 22:51:14

Sorry, moo...I don't buy it at all, I read it online and have no little darlings to stop me doing it first thing, could this be where you are going wrong?

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