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3 week old only feeding from one breast

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Prufrock Tue 19-Apr-05 07:26:41

No not mine.

My mother has "adopted" the family of a hotel worker she met in Kenya last year. She sends them money, they send e-mails, and name their new daughter after her.

Anyway - said daughter is now 3 weeks, and her father (Joab) has mentioned in an e-mail that she will only feed from one breast, which is not enough, so he is having to get formula. That's all the info I have. Not sure if one breast has no milk, or if baby just prefers one over the other.

I have told my Mum to tell them:
Regular - often feeds from both breasts - making sure she at least offers the refused one to try to stimulate supply
Try to hand express from the refused breast (sent the babyfriendly leaflet- thanks for the old link mears)
That in worst case scenario she could feed from one breast only - her body will still make all the milk demanded (OK so she'll have a lobsided chest )
That she doesn't need formula - I can imagine that formula manufacturers in Kenya are not as scrupulous about sticking to advertising codes and am worried that Joab in particular is encouraging her to supplement for incorrect reasons.

Can anyone provide any more advice? Or (a long shot here) are there such things as bf councellors in Kenya?

tiktok Tue 19-Apr-05 09:12:59

Yes, there will be bfcs from La Leche League, I expect, Prufrock. If you do a websearch on la Leache League there will be a link to their international pages. I agree with all you have suggested she does.

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