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Breast vs Bottle in weight gaining, SMA and spotty skin???

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jpedwards76 Fri 15-Apr-05 22:42:11

my dd is coming up to 22 weeks old she was 9lb 8oz born and has gradually tailed off gaining weight - she now weighs 15lb 2oz. 4 weeks ago she weighed 14lb 14oz so has only gained 4oz in 4 weeks - but i have measured her and believe she has grown 3cm in length and 1cm head circumference - can anyone tell me if this is something i should worry about? I had been bf her until week 20 but have introduced baby rice and a substitute bottle for 1 feed to help me retire from bf (and this way i know how much she is getting) I have been using SMA gold and have noticed she has a small rash on one side of her face could it be a milk rash>?? has anyone else had any experience like this../??
Many thanks in advance

ionesmum Fri 15-Apr-05 23:41:11

Can't help I'm afarid- have you spoken to your hv? Giving this a bump for you - maybe someone else knows about this.

chipmonkey Sat 16-Apr-05 01:59:31

jp, when my ds2 went to nursery for the first time, he was given a bottle of formula instead of breastmilk ( they thought you couln't heat breastmilk and he wouldn't drink it cold!) he developed a rough rash around his knees which my GP diagnosed as Eczema. After that I never gave him formula which was based on cows milk. I kept expressing at work and on the rare occasions when he had to have formula I gave him "nanny" goats milk formula which didn't cause any problems. Don't know if this helps!

carolou Sat 16-Apr-05 08:18:37


If your baby is alert and interested when awake, I would not worry about too much about weight gain, as long as she is gaining something. Is she getting a full feed of fore and hind milk from the breastfeed? (I know it is difficult to tell! The consistency of the milk thickens as the feed goes on.) My baby had immature sweat glands on his face which caused a rash, and he is still prone to rashes on the side of his face, I use an emollient cream prescribed by the doctor, to keep his skin moisturised. I think that the temperature changes caused by central heating and going outside in the cold can affect their delicate skin.

blondie14 Mon 25-Apr-05 18:05:38

My son is 18 weeks old and i have been using sma gold since he was 7 weeks old. He 2 has this dry rash on his cheeks and legs and neva put it down to his milk. I find that moisturising him in the mornings and after his bath uaually clears it up. Good time 2 get in some baby massage 2!

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