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Extended BF'ers who've now stopped - please help!

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philmassive Tue 03-Mar-09 14:05:12

My DS2 is almost 28 months. I am extended BF'ing him but am beginning to wonder about giving up for various reasons, not least that he is becoming a bit obsessed!!

My question is this - what age were your DC's when you gave up, what was it that made you decide to give up and how easy/difficult did you find it? Any tips as to how to go about it with a demanding and lively character?

I ext BF ds1 too but he was more easy going and gave up with a gentle explanation that there was no milk left, DS2 is a different kettle of fish and I think will be murder and not persuadable.

giveusabreak Tue 03-Mar-09 15:28:01

Have you read "How Weaning Happens" a LLL publication by Diane Bengson (query surname). I found that quite informative but she does rather come down on the side of self-weaning - which is fine if you are OK with that but mothers have a say here too smile. I suspect DD2 would play merry hell if I tried to wean her from the breast before she thought she was ready, I happen to be OK with that for now but who knows how I might feel a year down the line. On the other hand, DD1 just gave up when I got pregnant with no pressure from me. GL

FromGirders Tue 03-Mar-09 15:34:16

I fed dd til her third birthday. TBH, she was down to very short feeds every day or two by then, so when it was coming up to her birthday, I dropped some very gentle hints about how she was going to be three soon, and very big, and maybe three year old girls didn't really need mummy milk any more. For several months she still liked to give my breasts a kiss and a pat, but she stopped without any trauma.
For some time previous to that, I'd not fed her when we were out and about, but had kept it for at home, snuggly times. I think it's ok to say "not just now" to children, if it really doesn't suit you. Perhaps try wearing non-accessible clothes some of the time? Then if you are still letting him feed at set times, like afternoon nap, or at bed time, or whenever else suits you, perhaps you'd feel more in control, but he'd have the reassurance of knowing it was still on offer, just not all the time?

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