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when to stop breast feeding??

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Fran81 Fri 15-Apr-05 01:08:04

my dd is coming up to 8 months and I'm wondering when to stop bf. she has never taken to a bottle so she doesn't have formula. I'm quite happy to carry on feeding her for the moment, but don't know at what point to stop. I know it's up to me and all that, but just wondered what other people think is the best time? and also how to go about it

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:31:55

I didnt stop till ds was 12 months and he kind of led it too. It has to be a right time for baby & you

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:31:55

I didnt stop till ds was 12 months and he kind of led it too. It has to be a right time for baby & you

bobbybob Fri 15-Apr-05 02:38:15

Get to a year and then reassess. It's amazingly different feeding an older child, I simply couldn't have imagined it at 8 months.

There is no universal best time, or window of opportunity.

Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 07:24:50

Like the name!

I fed dd until 2 years intended on stopping at a year but it just didn't happen!

Looking back i am glad we had the extra year and next time round would plan for that.

I made attempts to give up, but the older the get the harder it gets! My dd was v strong willed, and would literally fight me trying to pull my top down.
It still took some work to give up at two but at least she was old enough to talk to and explain that she was a big girl now.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 15-Apr-05 09:35:35

I fed my DS1 until he was 18 months, and found stopping then, very easy. He wasn't fed on demand by this point, just first thing in the morning, so I just stopped taking him into my bed in the morning, for about a week. No stress, no problem, no issues with my boobs either.

It's easier to stop after a year, because then you don't have to bother with formula at all, and can just offer cow's milk.

Fran81 Fri 15-Apr-05 14:52:54

well thats what I was thinking...straight to cows milk. Sometimes I feel like I should be stopping soon because of other people, but of course I won't do it to please them!! for example my MIL has not been the most supportive of bf from the beginning (she bottle fed my dp and his sister). think she wants to be able to have dd for the night but obviously can't due to the absence of my boobies!! to be honest it gives me even more reason to keep up with it cos I don't really want to be apart for a whole night from dd at the moment.

thanks for the tips everyone the name too!!

suzywong Fri 15-Apr-05 14:55:02

don't stop until they go to school........ or rather when they decide

I went straight on to cows milk and a bedtime feed with ds2 at 12 months and hes' still feeding at bedtime at 19 months

bobbybob Fri 15-Apr-05 20:33:08

Why should she have your child for the night ?(unless you want her to).

Fran81 Fri 15-Apr-05 21:21:21

I know..thats how i feel. to be honest I don't get on with her very well anyway, and FIL can be a loosing his marbles slightly. they came down to visit and we all went out to the shops, next thing I look round and he plus dd (in buggy) have vanished. Went searching frantically for him and found him 100 yards up the street in a bloody camping store. Was not impressed as you can imagine

laneydaye Fri 15-Apr-05 21:41:34

hi... i so desperately want to stop bf but cant/wont find it really hard..
dd dosent like the teat at all and i dont have the heart to put her through cold turkey...
got up today and decided that was it tried it gradual and any other way possible..... well i made up 4 bottles for her and even expressed 2 bottles aswell..... still i gave in at the end of the day cos she had hardly had any milk.....

i have enjoyed feeding her and never dreamed id do it for 5 months.......but i have had enough and want to go back to work......

Fran81 Fri 15-Apr-05 22:25:10

have the same prob...dd will just refuse all types of bottles and is fine drinking water from a beaker, but as soon as its milk in there she refuses point blank.

carolou Tue 19-Apr-05 13:03:21

Has someone else tried giving a bottle for you. So that you can be out of the way and baby cannot smell/hear you. If you want to go back to work you could still feed am/pm and baby have bottle of expressed/formula during day, your childcarer should be able to help you out with this as they may have experienced this before.

HappyMumof2 Tue 19-Apr-05 14:26:23

Message withdrawn

Amberlilli Tue 19-Apr-05 14:48:14

DD1 stopped by herself at 11 months, just lost interest.
DD2 bit me very hard at 13 months then after the shock of me screaming she never went near the breast again!
I think they decide when they've had enough.
If you are happy and baby is happy don't feel under pressure to stop.
Neither of mine ever had formular milk, they just went on to cows milk when they stopped BF.

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