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Breastfeeding, period not returned, how likely is it i could get pregnant?

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boobybird Mon 02-Mar-09 11:21:20

I have just been reading up on Kellymom about how likely it is to become pregnant if you have had no bleed/period atall. From what i have read it seems quite rare if you haven't had any sort of bleed, is this true? I always thought there was the risk of conceiving as at some point you have to ovulate to have the first period. Now i'm confused. Has anyone become pregnant whist breastfeeding and before the return of their period?

Disenchanted3 Mon 02-Mar-09 11:23:02

My SIL did.

boobybird Mon 02-Mar-09 11:27:47

I'm slightly concerned i might be pregnant, i'm probably not and worrying myself for no reason, but i don't have the obvious clue of a missed period!

Geepers Mon 02-Mar-09 11:29:56

How old is baby? It's unlikely if you are breastfeeding exclusively every few hours without top-ups or weaning and still feeding through the night, although not impossible.

littlelamb Mon 02-Mar-09 11:31:46

My friend was exclusively breastfeeding and concieved her son 4 weeks after the birth of her daughter shock The whole point is, you would ovulate before you had a period anyway so it is possible.

boobybird Mon 02-Mar-09 11:32:14

7 months, exclusively bf, blw from 6 months, never had a top up, never slept through.

RockinSockBunnies Mon 02-Mar-09 11:32:40

I know a few people who have become pregnant whilst breastfeeding, before their periods have returned.

The babies they were feeding were over six months though - don't know anyone who became pregnant whilst breastfeeding in the early months.

SamJamsmum Mon 02-Mar-09 11:35:09

Once your baby reaches 6 months and has some solids the reliability of bf as a contraceptive method does reduce significantly. But obviously it's different for everyone. A LOT of people will ovulate before a first bleed. Have you noticed any changes in discharge that might hint at ovulation?
One thing is for sure - do not wait for your first period before starting to use contraception because it may never come!

differentnameforthis Mon 02-Mar-09 11:41:54

I conceived #3 when dc2 was 4 months.

Exclusively breastfed approx 3 hourly, day 7 night no solids.

No bleed & no bodily changes to indicate ovulation.

differentnameforthis Mon 02-Mar-09 11:42:58

day & night

MerlinsBeard Mon 02-Mar-09 11:45:27

Well seeing as there can often be no signs of ovulation you can get pregnant any time regardless of how often and the exclusivity of your bf.

lilolilmanchester Mon 02-Mar-09 11:49:00

The period comes at the end of the cycle, you're right boobybird, so I wouldn't rely on breastfeeding for contraception. My periods started again both times before I'd stopped breastfeeding if that helps.

boobybird Mon 02-Mar-09 12:11:08

I feel like i'm going mad, i'm not sure if i'm ignoring some signs or imagining some... About a month or so ago i became really sensitive to the smell of smoke, i did have a cold, so wondered if that was responsible.. but it was making me feel sick exactly like during my pregnancies. In the last week i've thought i could feel something slightly shift, tickle, move i don't know how to describe it to the left of my belly, is it possible it could be a spasm of some sort!? i've heard some people say they have had strange movements in the belly months after giving birth and not been pregnant but feels similar. Also really crampy/bloated at times and to confuse me even more i'm now getting (sorry for tmi) a big increase in discharge blush I suppose it could be my period about to return?

lilolilmanchester Mon 02-Mar-09 12:24:14

do a pregnancy test, it's the only way you'll know for sure. All the signs you mention could be other things, the body is so complex. Do a test, and if negative, "take care"!

differentnameforthis Mon 02-Mar-09 12:43:26

I second the test, only way you will know tbh!

Sorry to say first symptoms were cold like symptoms & the smell thing...I could smell dc2's wet nappy a mile off, even when it wasn't anywhere near full, this was why I tested!

It was totally unwanted, we had a contraception failure...(I wasn't even about to consider using bfing as a contraceptive because I knew so resolutely that I did not want any more children) and I terminated in Jan this year. Not something I ever thought I would do or need to do, but a 3rd pregnancy would have been too much, my body just don't do pregnant!

You need to find out if you are first, then handle it from there.

mama2leah Mon 02-Mar-09 13:32:45

very.. i did... 7 month old baby, and 17 weeks pregnant..

alexpolismum Mon 02-Mar-09 14:08:15

Another one here - I got pregnant with no period when ds was about 5 months, exclusively breastfed, still feeding several times at night.

Wisknit Mon 02-Mar-09 17:52:40

sorry but....I became pregnant with ds2 when ex bf ds1 was 8 months and then became pg with dd when ds2 was 11 months still no period. It does happen.
How old is you dc? I would take a test.

Wisknit Mon 02-Mar-09 17:53:52

On the plus side I've had 4 period free years grin and as dd is only 8 days, going by previous experience, I could well go another year or more.

vonsudenfed Mon 02-Mar-09 17:57:09

We were very sternly warned at my antenatal classes about relying on bf for contraception - it does work if you are living at about subsistence level, but isn't half as efficient in the overfed west.

Our teacher had had two women at her classes, who had both conceived 3 months after giving birth. They were both doctors...

pooka Mon 02-Mar-09 17:58:07

Re: the sensation of movement - I've had that ever since having dd 6 years ago (and ds 3 years ago). Is weird.

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