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edgarcat Mon 07-Apr-03 13:08:06

Message withdrawn

NQWWW Mon 07-Apr-03 14:13:03

Have often heard that live yoghurt (either eaten or applied) is good to combat thrush, and as I understand actimel is just a drinking form of live yoghurt. I thought actimel was very high in sugar, however, which is not what you want for a yeast infection - I'd go for some plain live yoghurt instead.

morocco Sun 13-Apr-03 17:35:29

I was recommended to try normal live yoghurt but couldn't stand the thought of all the mess! I did drink a lot of it instead though

A friend of mine who studies natural cures thro food told me that actimel was very hyped up in general because the stomach destroys the live bacteria before they get to the rest of you so she recommended buying tablets/capsules from a health shop instead that can go thro your stomach and do their good work. Not much use for oral/boobs I spose but they might help for'general resistance'

addle Thu 19-Jun-03 09:16:33

morocco, just in case you're reading, could you tell me what sort of tablets/capsules you mean?

many thanks, addle

morocco Thu 19-Jun-03 17:58:57

hi addle
I'm hopeless at remembering names of stuff but will write to my friend right now and ask - hope to post reply soon . . .

morocco Sat 21-Jun-03 14:58:34

here we go . . . does it make sense?

the good bacteria is acidophilus and can be
bought in an enterically coated capsule (Solgar is good).
you can also buy
caprilic acid which actually kills the yeast.

I also use something called 'ultralevure' when I take antibiotics as it replaces good bacteria - it's also good for stomach upsets. I'm not sure if it's any good for thrush tho.

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