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amazing article in O magazine, "One Woman's Mission to Save Babies"

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ellez Sat 28-Feb-09 02:34:45

i hardly ever get emotional while reading articles, but this had be holding back tears.

sorry if this has already been posted.

ellez Sat 28-Feb-09 02:37:01

not sure why previous link is not working..

JodieO Sat 28-Feb-09 02:50:40

Amazing and so sad but such a good thing to do too. I felt the same as you reading it. What an amazing woman.

Jennylee Sat 28-Feb-09 17:31:13

God that is a hellish story, but a beautiful thing for her to do.

Naat Sat 28-Feb-09 18:23:50

Amazing story, an amazing woman...
Thanks for sharing the article, ellez! smile

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