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bottle feeding - age/amount/hungry.....

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charlie95 Thu 14-Apr-05 07:22:06

dd is 4 wks now. been a starver from the second she was born.
gradually increased amount of milk now taking 5 oz every 4 hrs. but last few days, had yucky nappies, colic already kicked in and bit unsettled. v. windy baby anyway and guzzles milk when fed and can hear tummy gurgling. usually drians 5 oz. however is now unsettled/hungry/ colicky 3-3.5hrs. with tummy gurgles.
midwife suggested upping it to 6 oz but wasn't sure if this is actually ok - surely their tummies are only tiny. how do we know that this amuont at this age really is ok for them?
shall i just do it ? how can we tell if the next formula up will satisfy her ? on aptamil first but was wondering about aptamil Xtra ? any experiences ?

Cristina7 Thu 14-Apr-05 07:34:45

Maybe she's going through a growth spurt just now. Sorry, I have no suggestions, my DD has the opposite problem, she doesn't feed enough, I think.

From what age does the Aptamil extra tin recommend its use?

I sympathise with the colic. We've been through a couple of difficult weeks but it seems to have settled these past few days (nothing particular that I did).

nailpolish Thu 14-Apr-05 07:46:52

these tummy gurgles are so loud, arent they?!

i would just increase the oz, you never know, she might be less grizzly and go longer between, although maybe not this young. she is maybe having a growth spurt, so dont be alarmed if she takes less than she will now in a week or 2. they have ups and downs

i think its ok to give 2nd stage milk just now, check the tin?

i do know my cousin gives her newborn 2nd stage milk (the aptimil one) and when baby is unsettled she sometimes gives the Milumil (for sensitive tummies? not sure

you get it in Boots


mummytosteven Thu 14-Apr-05 09:18:44

i wouldn't worry at all about giving them too much - each baby is different - mine definitely didn't read the back of the tin, and was probably on 6 oz at about that age! when they are draining what you give them is the time to put it up an oz or two. you can't really overfeed them this young as they would just bring it all back up.

Seona1973 Thu 14-Apr-05 12:22:19

At this age your baby may not be ready to go 4 hours between feeds. Have you tried feeding every 3 hours instead - that way you also get an extra feed in during the day which will help to reduce the amount your lo takes during the night. Your lo could be fussing because they are hungry. My dd never went 4 hours between feeds until she was a lot older than that.

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