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excessive feeding at night-----help!

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ugglyduckling Wed 25-Feb-09 22:24:50

please help i have a 15month old DD, she has never been the best of sleepers but recently OMG!!!! please help me.

on an average night she drinks three 10oz bottles of cows milk and two 10 oz bottles of water! this cant be right??

She has water available all day and i constantly ask her if she wants a drink, she eats breakfast lunch and dinner and has two snacks during the day so i dont think she can be hungry ive tried increasing the amount of food she has during the day and water but she just doesnt want it.

I thaught possibly that i should try just not giving her any milk at night and swaped it for water but she just drank 5 bottles of water! she has a dummy so i know she finds comfort in the sucking action but she just seems to be so thirsty. obviously she is constantly wet during the night and sometimes it soaks through her nappy a few times a night, so her little bottom is red raw. Also with the disruption in her sleep and mine it cant be good.

This has been going on for a few months i thaught maybe it was just becoming habbit but when i tried to be strong and not give her any liquid during the night she got so distressed ive never seen her like that before.

please any advice would be most gratefull xxx

LackaDAISYcal Wed 25-Feb-09 22:28:19

maybe have a word with the GP? sounds like way too much for a toddler to be getting through at night (or even on an average day for that matter)

I know excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes in adults, but not sure about little ones.

ugglyduckling Wed 25-Feb-09 22:31:10

thanks LackaDAISY i jsut wanted to know im not being paranoid and overly anxious

Grendle Wed 25-Feb-09 22:34:08

I agree, I'd be straight to the GP. How much does she drink during the day?

Let us know how you get on.

ugglyduckling Wed 25-Feb-09 22:42:24

she drinks from a sippy cup its about the size of a coke can and she drinks abut 3 of those a day and then a 10 0z bottle before bed and then the liquid at night that i mentioned before, i think i will ring the GP tomorrow.

LackaDAISYcal Wed 25-Feb-09 22:46:49

You're definately not being overly anxious.

Grendle Wed 25-Feb-09 22:52:54

I believe nappy rash can also be a sign of diabetes (as well as many many other tings too of course smile). Try not to panic tonight, easier said than done I know, I'm sure there are several possible explanations.

I do hope there's a straightforward explanation and the GP is able to reassure you. If your gut instincts are that there is a problem then do push until you get an answer.

Take care.

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