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talk to me about bf baby's poo...please?

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BigTeuchLittleTeuch Wed 25-Feb-09 14:56:17

DS is 11 weeks. He feeds 3-4 hourly and weighs 12lb 15oz. He has had an average gain of 10-11oz per week over the past three weeks.

BUT - and I should alert you to my usual preoccupation with poo - he doesn't poo as such.

All we get is a wee mustardy-coloured stain on the nappy. No seeds...nada.

He's a windy pup so sometimes squirms around until he farts or does one of his pathetic unsatisfying (for me!) squirts, but otherwise seems well.

He did do seedy mustard poos until about a fortnight ago, when they tailed off then stopped.

Anyone else with purely watery poos?

shonaspurtle Wed 25-Feb-09 14:58:25

Ds would go a long time between poos at this age. Beware, you could well get a spectacular one coming along sometime soon...

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Wed 25-Feb-09 15:00:20

Oh, I would be delighted grin

A proper 'out the sleeves' like DS1 used to do would fairly satisfy me - and him no doubt!!

shonaspurtle Wed 25-Feb-09 15:02:01

Oh yes, straight up the back & down the legs iirc grin

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