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lumpy boob during the night

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IHeartIona Sun 22-Feb-09 11:02:19

I went out for a couple of drinks last night (for about the third time since dd was born, hurrah!) and when I got home and went to bed my left breast felt quite full. when dd (11 mo) woke up at about 1 she fed from that side for a few mins. when she had finished it still felt full but now all lumpy and almost square?!? it wasn't painful. I fed her on that side again at about 4.30am and after that it was back to normal. seems normal this morning.

is this something nasty brewing or just a bit of blockage do you think?
thanks for any advice.

QueenFee Sun 22-Feb-09 19:53:21

Sounds like it was a blocked duct to me, but that it has cleared itself through feeding (the best approach!) Just keep an eye on it!

IHeartIona Mon 23-Feb-09 14:13:36

thanks for your reply QueenFee
all seems fine at the mo but I will keep checking for bumps and lumps for a few days

BonzoDoodah Mon 23-Feb-09 17:18:03

Sounds to me too like one side was fuller than the other. And as you say - it cleared with the second feed. If it happens again and doesn't seem to clear turn your baby round so they feed at a different angle and that should empty it.

(Lucky you getting a night out - hurray!)

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