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breast feeding and lumpectomy

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edd021208 Sat 21-Feb-09 22:34:52

Hi - I've already posted on the AIBU thread but wondered if anyone here had experience of this?
My dd is 10 weeks old, and I discovered a lump in my breast a few weeks ago. Following a biopsy, the consultant has said there is a strong chance it is benign (a fibroadenoma) but they would like to remove it just in case. He said the surgery would happen once I have stopped breastfeeding my dd. The consultant was vague/contradictory on when exactly I should stop bfing her - he said they'd like to operate sooner rather than later but not to give up right now just on account of the lump. I bf my ds for 15 months and the consultant thought this was hilarious and said well obviously you'll have to wean far sooner this time. I'll see him again this week and on reflection, I'd like to request the surgery be scheduled asap but really don't want to stop bfing.
I should add that bfing has been very tricky with thrush, mastitis and now an abscess on the site of the biopsy all making things a bit sore.
I'd like to know if anyone has direct experience of bfing through surgery like this, and how it went for them?

mogsymum Sun 22-Feb-09 22:14:59

sad so sorry to hear your consultant is not being very supportive. I've not been through anything like this but was thinking you could try expressing regularly (and freezing it) so that if your one boob is out of action for a while you could continue bfing from good boob and using the stored milk.

I had a tricky time bfing and found that trying lots of different positions meant if it was a bit sore in one position baby could latch on comfortably in another position.

good luck wink

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