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Breastfeeding poo versus formula poo

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chatti Wed 18-Feb-09 21:56:26

Odd one. We've recently introduced DS to formula after bf for almost a year. His poo hs completely he seems to poo more frequently and it's really runny and squirty(sorry!). Is this normal for formula fed babies? He's also got nappy rash for the first time ever... I think it's down to all this extra poo or could he be allergic?

hazeyjane Wed 18-Feb-09 22:01:53

What formula,are you giving him? I gave dd2 Aptamil, and it made her do explosive, stinky poos, with bad nappy rash. I switched to one without prebiotics (Hipp organic) and it stopped immediately.

Do you need to give him formula, if he is nearly a year old? Maybe you could just give him cow's milk.

Seona1973 Wed 18-Feb-09 22:04:45

pre-biotics are supposed to make the poo soft so that could be a problem or it could be a reaction to the cows milk protein in the formula. If he is nearly a year then you could use full fat cows milk instead of formula and see if he tolerates that better.

chatti Wed 18-Feb-09 22:07:58

We're using the Hipp "Growing up milk". I'm also trying cows milk but he's not as keen. Will keep offering it and hope he switches over.

chatti Wed 18-Feb-09 22:11:40

Ahhh. The things we obsess about as parents!

Seona1973 Wed 18-Feb-09 22:27:48

try mixing the cows milk with the formula and gradually make it more and more cows milk

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