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Sorry, TMI question - BF sick?

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CherryChoc Fri 13-Feb-09 13:32:53

I am really curious about this. My DS is 4 months old, and has never really been a sicky baby - he has done more than posseting but it has been rare. Anyway, when he was younger, all sick (possety or an hour or so after a feed) was very thin and watery, but recently (over the past few days) his sick has been thicker and looks like a FF baby's sick.

Is this something to do with the milk changing as he gets older? He is still exclusively breastfed - has never had formula or solids.

ellideb Fri 13-Feb-09 20:39:49

It depends on how long it takes for the possety stuff to come up, the longer it takes the more digested it will be. Also now that he's oldermaybe he is getting more of the hind milk so what comed up will be thicker.

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