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anyone given their baby rice milk?

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minkey99 Sun 10-Apr-05 20:17:16

My 8 month old has an allergy to cows milk and i have been given a special formula for her to drink alongside my breastmilk as she is losing interest in feeding from me.Unfortunatley she hates the formula and I am worried about her calcium intake. Is it ok to give a calcium enriched rice drink/oatmeal drink? also does anyone have any good tips for disguising the disgusting taste of pepti-junior?

Xzebra Sun 10-Apr-05 20:31:31

NOt enough fat in rice milk Or protein, I think....

hermykne Sun 10-Apr-05 20:58:44

MINKEY i am curious to know your dd history as my ds also 8mths cant take cows formula and my doc is so annoying in that he keeps telling meto give him soya thou i am against it,
did your dd get sick or have a rash to it? and whats pepti junior

i think the rice milk etc have to held off til one year.

tiktok Sun 10-Apr-05 22:54:28

Rice milk is not really a 'milk'. Minkey, it won't harm her at 8 mths to have a taste of rice milk, but you can't really use it as a substitute for other milk - it is definitely not suitable as a milk drink for babies. Speciality formulas do taste disgusting, on the whole. Maybe one option for you is to work on increasing the breastfeeding - 8 mths is very young to self wean, though I inow it happens.

alexsmum Sun 10-Apr-05 23:32:08

i read a thing ages ago about a baby getting rickets after being given rice milk as a main drink, it's not suitable at all i don't think.

bobbybob Mon 11-Apr-05 02:31:17

It's not suitable as a main drink. It's "hollow" nutritionally and takes up space that would be better filled with breastmilk.

Are you sure she is losing interest in breastfeeding and needs formula? Is she losing weight? She could just be more efficient at feeding and getting all she needs which explains why she is turning up her nose at the formula too.

Is expressing an option?

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