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Low Milk Supply after Sickness bug....

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I am having a few problems with my ds (5 months) I have posted on this before and have recieved great advice.

I have recently had bad S&D bug and my supply seems to be very low (not just in the evenings) I have not eaten anything yet,but In am trying to drink plenty.
I am concerned as ds has had cough since begining of december. I was told by doc it was viral,Hv not happy about his slow weightgain, and the sound of his chest.
I have also noticed that in the morning his nappies are not very wet (in cloth so usually wet through)
went to doc who said his chest didnt sound clear and on looking at the movement of his chest wasnt happy, so prescribed antiobiotics.
He said give him double dose if know improvement in 48 hours then it would be hospital. Re dry nappies he says he had a good pool of saliva in his mouth so didnt seem that dehydrated, He also said his body must be storing the fluid ????? hmmso should supplement BF with some cool boiled water.
I tried but he refused.
Wouldnt this just interfer with my milk supply, which seems a bit low atM??
Won't the water just fill him up and then he will have no room for milk??
Really frustrated as he just doesnt seem right and dont know what to do.
dont want to sound like neurotic mum.

sorry for bad spelling as usual (can't keep blaming typing one handed) grin

Timeisablindguide Wed 11-Feb-09 14:14:06

There's no need to give your baby boiled water so don't worry about him refusing that and although it's hard to keep feeding if you're feeling at a low ebb, it will help both the milk supply and your baby's comfort to keep at it. I would go back to the doc though if you're still not happy with your ds's chest and feel he's not right. Maybe see a different doc to see if they have a different angle on it?

tiktok Wed 11-Feb-09 14:19:24

no1 - I agree with you about the doc's advice. Supplementing breastmilk with water is not necessary or helpful, and may interfere with milk supply (it can be a little lower, temporarily, after a D&V bug). Just feeding more often will restore it, and ensure your baby gets the milk he's good your doc has taken you seriously about his chest and has given you treatment for this. Breastfeeding ad lib helps boost a baby's fight against all infections, inc viral chest infections.

Thanks. What do you think of the lack of wet nappies???

Timeisablindguide Wed 11-Feb-09 14:34:33

That usually indicates dehydration but if your gp has checked him out, then maybe that's not the case here. When did you last take him to see the gp -why not get him checked again if he's still not producing wet nappies.

I have fed him every time he wants it, despite feeling ill (feel better now) Its just he is getting very frustrated not sure if its because my let down seems very slow.
Last night he had a feed at 5 30, then his bedtime feedaround he, he fussed and fussed for 2 hours. he seemed to be just comfort sucking (no chin movement or pause) just suckling slowly and falling asleep. I kept alternating sides to keep him awake. He then slept till 7 this morning.
normally I would be pleased at the stretch of sleep, but wasn't convinced he had a proper feed before bed iykwim.

We went to docs on monday.

Timeisablindguide Wed 11-Feb-09 14:39:48

I'm not sure what to suggest really. I think if he continues to have dry nappies each time then it's best to check it out again but I'm not a doctor and wouldn't like to speculate further. Sorry. I really hope you can sort everything out though. Once the antibiotics come to an end, if he's still not right then def go and see the gp again.

Thankyou for advice. Doc said if no improvement in 48 hours go back dont bother finishing the course,Just dont want to pass on this sickness bug either.
Will see how he is and nappies are tomorow.
Thanks again

alvinareagan Sun 14-Feb-16 22:36:58

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ICJump Mon 15-Feb-16 06:37:52

I've reported you

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