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5 week old - should I feed more or less?

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mememum Sun 10-Apr-05 15:54:45

Feel really stupid for writing this as I feel I should know all this as this is dd2. Her routine is like clockwork but I'm not sure whether its a good routine or not. Keep re reading and it sounds so silly!
DD2 wakes at 6am and has feed, goes back to sleep. 9.30am, next feed, asleep for half an hour to an hour at 11am. 12.30pm, next feed, asleep at 14.00 for an hour. Next feed at 15.30 and asleep by 17.30 for an hour. Then feeds at 18.30 and gets really fussy during the evening, crying on and off but in an angry manner! Next feed is at you guessed it 21.30 and then off to sleep. Sleeps until 3am and then next feed and back to sleep. As she is fussing during evening is she saying she wants another feed? If I offer breast she takes it but doesn't seem to take much. I should add these are all breast feeds apart from 21.30 one which is formula as suggested by hv as she wasn't putting weight on as quick as was hoped.
I know it wasn't long ago but I've forgotten DD1's routine! Feeds usually for upto 30mins but varies.
Not sure what advice anyone can give but just others opinions will help!

mears Sun 10-Apr-05 16:06:23

The only silly thing here is the HV advising you to give her formula top-up because of weight gain.

Try not to clock watch and just feed her as she wants. If she looks hungry feed her. Giving a top-up of formula infers that she is not getting wenough milk. If there truly is a milk supply problem then you need to breastfeed more often not less, which is what the top-up can cause. Do you express when you give formula feed? Also make sure that she is latched onto the breast as well as she can be. Are your nipples OK? Does she feed from both breasts each feed? Has she wet and dirty nappies? What exactly is the problem with her weight gain?

Sorry, more questions than answers.

mememum Sun 10-Apr-05 16:34:18

Questions are fine by me it all helps build a clearer picture doesn't it? I don't express when she formula feeds as breasts seem to have adjusted to not having to feed then and they don't produce alot, 1 to 2ozs. Latching on and nipples are fine. I do offer both breasts but she rarely takes both. Only time she did was around 12 days old for a couple of days. Nappies are wet and usually dirty apart from last couple of days where she hasn't pooed until this morning. Health visitor came at 13 days and said she hadn't regained as much of birth weight loss as she had hoped and advised top up. I spoke to my midwife who wasn't very helpful and agreed that weight gain was slower than normal - whatever that is!? Should i have just upped amount of feeds instead of easy option?

Amberlilli Sun 10-Apr-05 16:56:44

I agree with mears. If you give top up then your body will produce less milk! BF more rather than less. For the first 3 mnths i was BF every 1 to 2 hours all through the day and night, I was told my dd2 wasn't putting on enough weight and had I been a first time mum i probably would have given up and gone on the bottle, but I persevered an NEVER needed to use formula milk.
I was told that if you give breast and bottle baby gets confused because it's a different sucking motion for each, don't know if thats true.
I' m not sure about the 'fussing' thing maybe it is colic?Which usually occurs early evening.
Don't know if thats helped or cofused you even more!

Amberlilli Sun 10-Apr-05 16:57:55

that should be 'confused'!

mears Sun 10-Apr-05 17:36:24

yes mememum - you should have been advised to up the feeds. You should also have been advised to express if the formula route was really necessary (which is doubtful) to stimulate your breasts to make more milk. You could easily phase out that one formula feed by just breastfeeding at 21.30 and giving reducing amounts of top-up every night.

mememum Sun 10-Apr-05 21:40:17

I think her fussing was hungriness. Fed her at half seven and she settled better and has been happily playing since. Will feed her when she next seems hungry by doing what you advise mears. Why is it when you see it written in front of you it suddenly all becomes clear! Must be the newborn forgetfulness thingy!!

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