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how much milk?????????

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starlover Sat 09-Apr-05 15:31:20

DP and I are going out tonight! woo hoo!
DS is b/f and I have been expressing for him so that he can have his evening feed. But I have no idea how much he will need!
I haven't been THAT succesful with my hand breast pump, so have at the moment got about 140ml but I don't think this will be enough for him...

He is nearly 9 weeks old.. how much do babies this age normally take in a feed?

tiffini Sat 09-Apr-05 15:34:59

how old is yous ds

starlover Sat 09-Apr-05 15:35:32

almost 9 weeks

tiffini Sat 09-Apr-05 15:35:35

sorry not reading the posts properly again

starlover Sat 09-Apr-05 15:35:56


tiffini Sat 09-Apr-05 15:36:52

i imagine he will not take more than 5 oz per feed, 140ml

starlover Sat 09-Apr-05 16:18:27

oh good... won't have to do any more expressing thne!

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