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PLEASE help, she just wont latch...

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Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 12:36:47

The BFing cousellor showed me how to yesterday, she latched for her, just that once, did a few tiny sucks and fell asleep.

I just cant get her on, its not the technique I don't think, Im doing what she told me, its just poor DD hasn't a bloody clue whats going on, she wants a bottle and Im trying to stick this big, alien boob in her gob.

Its my fault for not doing it from the start, poor thing.

Im getting quite frustrated because Im gettin a drop of milk at the beginning of pumping but not much after, im taking my boob out of the pump when that happens and putting it on DDs lips to get the taste.

But she just moves her head from side to side and doesn't grip, then she cries, it esculates and i end up giving her a bottle cause shes hungry, with tears in my eyes.
I am SO determined to try this,

I am not giving up.

I still don't know how to getn her to latch.

ive even been driiping formula onto my boob so it runs off my nipple so she thinks milk is coming from there.

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 12:38:33

Ive also tried AFTER a fed so shes not so hungry and in the middle. No luck.

mrsdisorganised Sat 07-Feb-09 12:46:02

Oh it is hard....not your fault either! Have you tried expressing milk whilst she's in the bf position so you have milk all over your nipple and in/onto her mouth (sorry sounds ridiculous) say you're pumping then trying, can you do it whilst she is in your arms and she can get more of a taste for it that way....wish I could show you. I used to open babies mouth and basically put in as much of my nipple area in as possible until they latched on, don't give up, it isn't the easiest thing in the world especially if baby isn't into it.

Sorry muddled post but offering support!

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 12:49:24

thankyou, ill try that.

Her mouth is wide open, but she just cries, so i push boob into open mouth, as shown but she doesn't shut her mouth onto it, she just continues to cry and scream , muffled, cause breast is in there!

Tryharder Sat 07-Feb-09 12:52:05

Poor you! I havent been on mumsnet much recently so don't know your history if you have posted before but contact the bfc/LLL/NCT again NOW and request urgent help.

I am sure someone like Tiktok will be along later to offer more constructive advice but just wanted you to know that someone is thinking of you! For something that is supposed to be bloody natural, bf can be incredibly hard. But I am successfully feeding DS2 after a crap start so I am proof that it can be done!

Good luck!!

bubbleymummy Sat 07-Feb-09 12:58:50

I think trying to bf her when she is hungry for her bottle is what is unsettling her because you don't have much milk at the minute and she just wants fed! Maybe try introducing the bf at other times that have nothing to do with her feeding times. Try having a nice warm relaxing bath with her = lots of skin to skin contact and the warm water can help your let down. Also try napping with her with plenty of skin to skin - you may find that she'll start sucking when she's half asleep. With lots of skin to skin and a relaxing atmosphere a lot of babies will latch on by themselves eventually. Keep up the expressing and maybe try doing it yourself in the bath/shower - because the warm water does help - as your supply increases her interest will probably increase as well because she's getting rewarded for her efforts. Have you thought about trying one of the supplementing systems?

bubbleymummy Sat 07-Feb-09 13:00:16

Just to add - you're doing a great job. It is hard but you've come a long way already so try to focus on all the positives!

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 13:11:46

thanks, will try the bath after shopping.

Mumsnet is a great place when going through things like this.

I just want to be able to sit down, latch her on witthout her being upset and give her a feed. Even if its just once a day, thats my goal and it would make me sooo happy to achieve it.

PS my boobs (not nipples) are starting to ache/tingle - is that good?

mrsdisorganised Sat 07-Feb-09 13:18:10

Absolutely right bubbleymummy!
Also the bath idea is a good one...used to feed babies in the bath lovely and relaxing.

mrsdisorganised Sat 07-Feb-09 13:19:07

Yes that is good means that you're getting milk in...keep expressing as you will build up supply.

LackaDAISYcal Sat 07-Feb-09 13:19:35

mine ache/tingle when I get letdown Dis, so it could be that.....keep pumping.

have you considered using the supplemental nursing thingy that dizzee was talking about on her thread?

call your BFC again; she will be happy to help further.

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 16:22:03

Yeah i was looking at those SNS things, maybe worth a try.

Like my DH says, 'its just a time thing' and as long as i keep at it i should see some results however small

Theres a breastfeeding support group at my sons nursery on a Thursday. i might go to tat if I can pluck up the courage!

Mollyfloss Sat 07-Feb-09 16:41:55

Hello! Just saw your message and I had the exact same problem last year with my DD when she was born. In fact I posted a message just like yours at that time. My DD lost too much weight in the first two days because she couldn't latch and I had to express every single feed. I expressed, put it to the side, tried to get her on the boob before giving he the bottle of EBM. She wouldn't take the boob at all so I then gave her the bottle of EBM. Eventually one day out of the blue she took from the boob. It was as if she didn't have the energy before then. In fact for a while I still had to express as she built up stamina to take full feeds from the breast. So my advice is to keep trying your DD on the boob before giving her the bottle but don't get yourselves too frustrated. She'll come around. I wouldn't bother with formula either. Just express every feed so you establish your milk supply. It is a lot of work I know with all the sterilising. If you can also get a BF counsellor to come to your home that would be great. How old is your DD?

You alwys hear about the pain of breastfeeding but not much about babies who won't latch

Mollyfloss Sat 07-Feb-09 16:44:26

I meant to add that you are doing a great job! A lot of people would have already given up. I was really glad I persisted and in the end I breastfed for 9 months and would have gone on longer only that I am ttc.

TinySocks Sat 07-Feb-09 16:47:23

My DS1 had problems latching. For the first three days the midwife helped me express colostrum (tiny amounts) and gave it to him with a small spoon. Then as my milk came in after three days I was expressing and the midwife would give him milk in a cup (very carefully).
I was getting desperate, I really wanted to breastfeed, one midwife gave me the magic solution, NIPPLE SHIELDS. They worked a treat. DS used them for one month, little by little I weaned him off the nipple shield and I was able to breastfeed him for 22 months.

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 16:48:47


Shes 6 weeks, but I started off formula feeding and am trying to now get her on the breast as I regret not doing it.
I have to give her formula because I have no milk yet and shes used to 4 ounces at a feed.

Mollyfloss Sat 07-Feb-09 16:52:07

That is very impressive that you are trying to bf after not starting with it. You are going to have to express a lot then until you build up your milk supply. How much do you get out each time you express now?

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 16:53:24

Only a few drops but only started this last night.

I gave her a feed from each breast at birth, but thats it.

LIZS Sat 07-Feb-09 16:54:29

try giving her half a bottle and then tryign , or do so before she is due a feed , so she's not ravenous. Also in the bath or lyign down in bed. Perhaps you should see the bfc again ?

Disenchanted3 Sat 07-Feb-09 19:56:47

Am feeling a bit down

I really can't get DD to the breast, she just gets so upset when I try, regardless if its beginning, during or after a formula feed.

My nipples are starting to get quite sore from the pumping but its gone from me getting drops to nothing now hmm

Im not giving up just not sure where to go now as DD doesn't seem interested.

Maybe just expressing and the bottle feeding her that? If I get anything to put in a bottle that is!

mrsdisorganised Sat 07-Feb-09 20:11:54

Don't give up...I know it's been a long day! The milk will be there and if you can get enough for the bottle then thats a brilliant start!! Thinking of you x

LucyEllensmummy Sat 07-Feb-09 21:08:22

wow - you are amazing! Keep going, I know that when DD was born, my milk didnt come through properly for a week but when it did, it pissed out everywhere, i was like a fecking fountain - DP was hysterical!!

Mollyfloss Sun 08-Feb-09 10:01:58

Keep at it! It's only been a couple of days although I'm sure it feels like an eternity for you. My milk took ages to come in. Even if you are only are getting a few drops now, you know it's there. The more you express, the more will come. If you can get some help, that would be great. Could you invest in a BF counsellor or a really good maternity nurse who knows about BF to literally move in with you for a couple of days? You would make back the investment in the long run on the money saved on formula.

Mollyfloss Sun 08-Feb-09 10:06:23

Maybe you should give La Leche League a call. 0845 120 2918

mrsdisorganised Sun 08-Feb-09 12:21:28

Hope you're ok

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