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14 month old ds wanting to bf constantly again...

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claireybrations Fri 06-Feb-09 15:36:10

Before Christmas he was down to feeding morning and night and sometimes in the afternoon (also having cows milk late morning and in the afternoon).

Then I stopped feeding him through the night. He had been waking two or three times, then slept through a few times then went to not sleeping unless he was attached to a boob. The first night he cried initially when dh went to him but soon settled, after that he settled within seconds of dh going to him-dh didn't need to pick him up either, just put his dummy back in and patted his back. If I went in he would always cry until he had a feed though.

He has mostly been sleeping through until 5.30/6am at which point he comes into bed with me and bf's on and off until dd wakes up (usually 7.30/8). If he does wake in the night he settles easily for dh.

After a few nights of not feeding him he started wanting to feed a couple of times in the day again which seemed pretty normal to me and I was happy to do. For the past week or two he has been wanting to feed literally ALL DAY, I have mostly let him other than when it wasn't really possible. Now he is waking at night again and not settling for DH.


maygirl Fri 06-Feb-09 16:29:29

Is he teething or maybe fighting off an infection? Or might be the weather? My DS wakes when its colder, and since its been snowy he's started wanting to feed as soon as we set foot back in the house in the day, I must be making hot chocolate!

Also I feel my supply gets lower after weeks of no night feeds. My DS is currently going through phases of sleeping through for a few weeks, then waking a few nights in a row. After the waking at night phases I've definately got more milk in the day too.

I had a weekend away 2 weeks during a sleeping through phase, and was worried I'd messed up my supply, I could really tell he wasn't getting as much as normal. Luckily he's woken up a few nights this week and supply has ramped up again, I never thought I'd be pleased about him not sleeping through!

claireybrations Fri 06-Feb-09 16:44:18

Thank you
He could be teething, no obvious signs but he does only have 6 and hasn't had one come through for a while.
He is snotty but doesn't seem ill.

I have felt like I have less milk lately so maybe he is just trying to increase supply, I'm just feeling a bit over-touched at the moment!

maygirl Fri 06-Feb-09 21:27:35

My DS hasn't often been ill, I believe he ups feeding when exposed to infections and it helps him fight it off before it develops into more than a bit of a runny nose. Hopefully he'll settle down again soon. I'm a lot less touched out since DS got his full set of teeth!

claireybrations Sun 08-Feb-09 14:58:11

That makes a lot of sense Mayirl. I hope he does settle down soon, am not really enjoying him at the moment because of his constant crying for a feed and nipple twiddling!

kalo12 Sun 08-Feb-09 15:01:08

my one year old is bf constantly too. he has had a cold for two weeks, so i'm going with the flow.

i know what you mean by feeling 'over touched'

claireybrations Sun 08-Feb-09 20:05:24

Glad I'm not the only one! grin

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