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A card for all Breastfeeding mums?

(13 Posts)
Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:20:44

Do you like This card?

hannahlouhoo Thu 05-Feb-09 17:22:44

No card just uploads to the home page?

ForeverOptimistic Thu 05-Feb-09 17:22:57

Which card is it?

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:23:24

Oh dear will try again! blush

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:24:10

try again

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:24:42

AAAAGH - give up!

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:25:31

It's an art card with chubby cherub swigging from Wine bottle & slogan "The transition from breast to bottle had gone rather smoothly"

ForeverOptimistic Thu 05-Feb-09 17:25:44

I can try and search for it. What is it called?

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:30:00

I have a small copy of it copied into my profile now!

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:30:49


Wasn't really worth THAT much effort though - never mind!

belgo Thu 05-Feb-09 17:31:04

very goodgrin

ForeverOptimistic Thu 05-Feb-09 17:32:13

I like it! It is funny. smile I like your house too. grin

Milliways Thu 05-Feb-09 17:55:18

Thank you

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