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Is this thrush

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Nik72 Fri 08-Apr-05 14:01:37

Am off to the GP in a couple of hours - just would like confirmation of my suspicions really. DD is 5 weeks. Have had a few probs with the feeding - cracked nipple etc. That seem to be healing well but nipple pain is now much worse despite good (I think) latching - pain tends to increase during the feed and after, when I get shooting pains in the breast. I also get those pains if I express rather than BF. I still have pain now 2 hours after feeding.
DD does have a whitish tongue and keeps coming off & crying during feeds so I think her mouth is sore.
I'm 99% sure this must be thrush - should I ask for creams or try the fluconazole tablets too - am worried the pain means it's deeper in. Thanks - would be useful to get opinions as no disprespect to the GP butI gather they're not always au fait with breast thrush.

chipmonkey Fri 08-Apr-05 14:07:05

Def sounds like thrush Nik72. I just used an oral gel on my nipples, same one ds2 had for his mouth and it worked.

ZoeC Fri 08-Apr-05 14:08:07

Sounds like thrush to me - I only used the cream but it hadn't gone into the ducts so that did the trick with me. You could try your hv - mine said today that she's allowed to prescribe thrush treatment.

Hope you get it cleared quickly.

Lonelymum Fri 08-Apr-05 14:08:18

Yes I would say so. When i had thrush, the b/fing was excrutiatingly painful: the minute the baby started crying for food, I started crying in anticipation of the pain! But I found as the feed continued, the pain died away. Dd didn't have any white spots that I could see on her tongue, but I was told that was another possible symptom.

The good news is, the treatment is pretty fast working and effective. I had some cream to rub in the nipples after feeding, and dd had some oral drops (weren't hard to administer).

Nik72 Fri 08-Apr-05 14:25:48

thanks. it is bloody sore! good to hear it clears fast.

eidsvold Sat 09-Apr-05 05:13:57

thrush victim here too - I found it toe curling painful to feed dd2 - think I thought it was latching probs at first - very new and first time breastfeeding. The GP prescribed nystatin drops for dd2 - jsut had to give after reach feed until finished the bottle. SHe then told me to get daktarin gel and put it on my nipples after each feed. You did not need to wash it off when you came to feed again - but it was designed to also stop you reinfecting the babe. My dd2 had white spots that looked a bit like cottage cheese in texture - iykwim.

hope it is getting better. Once I started the gel the pain seemed to go quite quickly.

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