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Quick poll.On the amounts of milk you newborn drinks.

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nobodysfool Sun 01-Feb-09 21:31:32

Just wondering really as i have a 5 week old who was 3 and a half weeks early and he drinks 3-5 oz's at every feed (3 hourly)
The midwife thinks he should be having more even though he is gaining weight.
Thank you.

madmouse Sun 01-Feb-09 21:35:05

Is that formula?

How much weight is he gaining? I he is gaining normally he does not need more milk!

why is he still under mw at 5weeks? Is he jaundiced?

nobodysfool Sun 01-Feb-09 21:54:25

He is FF and was jaundiced for the forst 2 weeks.
He isn't under the mw anymore but when he was 10 days old he was having between 3 and 4 ounces and he hasn't upped the amount a great deal since then.
His birth weight was 6lb 15oz and we had him weighed on Thurs and he was 8lb 8oz.
We found out on Thurs that he has a floppy larynx so was wondering if he is having much less than full term babies who don't have a floppy larynx.

madmouse Sun 01-Feb-09 22:06:38

my ds has floppy larynx too. he was full term but had some ventilation in nicu. not sure it interferes with feeding. ds is on the small side but has always bf fine.

your ds seems to be gaining fine

nobodysfool Sun 01-Feb-09 22:12:03

Thats what i thought.
How is your dcs floppy larynx now?
I'm really worried about it.The hosp didn't really give much info apart from thats what the noise was.I feel very uninformed.Been trawling the net.grin

madmouse Sun 01-Feb-09 23:09:44

as far as I know it is innocent. he breaths loudly particularly when excited and makes some weird heeheeheeeheep noises at night. when he was small (it is his first birthday today grin) he made the cutest heepheepheep sounds when excited about impending breastfeed.

it can cause apneas which is scary for us as he had those when he had neonatal fits. but he sleeps on an apnea mat and it never goes off.

nobodysfool Sun 01-Feb-09 23:54:53

Happy birthday to minimadmouse.
Can i ask which apnea mat you have?
Dexter doesn't breathe for about 5-6 seconds then does a very sharp intake of air.I find that really scary-i guess i will get more use to it.

madmouse Mon 02-Feb-09 09:23:18

this one. it is a glorified version of the one he had in scbu. it goes off (loudly!!) if there is no movement for 20sec. It is so sensitive we once had baby in moses basket in cot with sensor under cot mattress and it worked fine. stay away from the angelcare one, it is rubbish.

5-6 secs then a sharp intake of breath sounds familiar, that's when he does heehee sounds

we did buy the monitor because of his seizures though the f l thing was not menioned to us til much later

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