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Anyone had episiotomy scar surgery? What about breastfeeding and recovery?

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chandellina Thu 29-Jan-09 22:41:22

Hi, I posted this over on childbirth but thought I might reach more people here. I am due to have my painful episiotomy scar fixed with surgery on Monday but am concerned about what to expect as far as recovery.

I am also still breastfeeding 6 month old DS. Kellymom suggests I will be able to feed him even after having a general anaesthetic, but it seems like it depends on what type of drug is used, and slightly unknown if it's totally safe or not.

Has anyone had this procedure ("modified Fentons procedure")? I did search on previous threads but got a bit scared when I read that some people couldn't walk for two weeks. My DH is only taking the day of the surgery off and then I am on my on to take care of DS.

Leeza2 Fri 30-Jan-09 07:40:01

Sorry to hear about teh trouble you have been having and i hope op fixes it.

I don't understand how your Dh can only be taking the day of surgery off? How long will you be in hospital? What pain relief will they give you to take home? If its similar to what you would get after a CS then surely its OK to Bf with it?

My understanding (and I'm not an expert)is that GAs have a fairly short half life, so by the time you are well enough to remeber you have a baby and want to feed they are well out your system. Is the baby going into hospital with you and who will be caring for him/her?

Even if its day surgery, i thought you had to have someone with you for 24 hours after the op? Even if you are not caring for a baby?

Didnt the hospital tell you this when you had your last apponitmnet? I am a bit concrend you dont know this and your op is on Monday!Please phone teh hospital today and ask them

I suspect your main problem is not the anaesthetic but your Dhs assumption that he only has to take Monday off!

EldonAve Fri 30-Jan-09 07:49:16

When you talk to the anesthetist (sp?) before the op tell them you are bf and intend to continue
Also tell the doc doing the op so any follow up drugs can allow for you bf

Good luck

RiojaLover75 Fri 30-Jan-09 08:01:00

I've had the laser Fentons procedure after DS1. He was 5 months and I was still BF him. I took my pump into hospital with me and 'pumped and dumped' for 24 hours after my GA.

The pain I experienced after was comparable to the pain before the op BUT I knew it would go away as the op was a fab success! I was given Diclofenac as a painkiller to go home with and used at for about a week or so after.

I was also at home from the following day with DS1 on my own. We did a lot of lounging around mostly, after Fentons is not the time to be doing housework! Seriously get thee on t'internet and get Tesco/ Sainsbuys/ whoever to deliver a weeks worth of ready meals unless your DH is any good at cooking!

Good luck and I hope the procedure is as successful for you, I'm still very pleased with my results even after DS2! grin

chandellina Fri 30-Jan-09 10:33:05

thanks for these replies!

They've now just rung me to move the surgery forward a week, which is just as well since now I can get my mother in law to come help, or something.

Ridiculously, no one from the hospital has been able to tell me anything about breastfeeding and what to expect for recovery and pain relief. Someone "may be able" to call me to discuss it but i'm not holding my breath.

I was diagnosed in December (two months after I asked for the referral from my GP) and given the consent form for surgery to sign at the same time. At that point i just didn't have these questions in my mind, and i assumed there'd be some information given to me before the operation.

Then they called me yesterday to offer me the Monday surgery, so it all became very short notice. DH isn't a monster, and he would take more time off, but we just didn't have any information to know really ...

I guess it will depend on how I'm feeling but I'm glad I will now at least be able to arrange for help the next day.

thanks guys!

RiojaLover75 Thu 19-Feb-09 12:13:23

Chandellina how did it go???

Jacksmama Wed 25-Feb-09 16:36:10

Bumping - how did you do?

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