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please remind me what i should be doing...

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mckenzie Wed 06-Apr-05 13:30:15

DD is 4 weeks old and was 8.8 at birth. DS was still breastfed at this age but DD is already just bottle.

Please someone tell me what is average/normal for a baby this age and weight vis a vis size of bottle and frequency of feed.

I know that there is no such thing as an average baby but I need to get some idea if I'm feeding enough/too much/too frequently etc. On the Actimel box is says 5 ounce bottles 5 times a day. Is that correct as we are having about 8 bottles a day/night and some of them are only 2 ounces. I'd like to say that DD is very contented anyway but to tell the truth she isn't and I worry constantly.

TracyK Wed 06-Apr-05 13:37:16

what weight is she now
GF book says 2 and a half ounces of milk per each pound of body weight. Then divide that into how ever many feeds in a day - usually 6. Some hungrier babies need a couple of extra ounces at some feeds and try and give the big feeds at the right time ie 7am, 10.30am or 10.30pm.

Seona1973 Wed 06-Apr-05 13:39:58

Your lo is still very young and is still adjusting to life in the big wide world. I know that they say that the crying reaches its peak at around 6 weeks of age and then you start to see a gradual calming down again.

At this age my dd was going approx 3 hours between feeds night and day. I tried not to feed more often than 2.5-3 hours as that way she took a better feed rather than just snacking.

The guide on the box is just that - a guide based on the 'average' baby which not many of us have!!

It is saying that your lo should have roughly 25ounces of milk in 24 hours - it doesnt matter whether you give that in 5 bottles or 8 bottles (ps my dd never took the amount it suggested on the box but as she put on weight and developed normally it didnt worry me - well it did a bit at the time but you soon learn you cant force your lo to take more than they need/want!!!)

mckenzie Wed 06-Apr-05 13:45:26

i'm struggling with the fact that during the night she wakes frequently but then only takes 2/3 ounces before falling asleep again. maybe i go to her too quickly as i'm scared she'll wake DS. I really dont know at the moment when she's hungry or tired or bored or uncomfortable or just plain fed up. It's the unknowing that is so hard.

TracyK Wed 06-Apr-05 13:55:21

She's still young - you will get to know her hungry cries eventually (tho it took me about 11 months with ds!)
Your ds shouldn't wake - they do have incredibly deep sleeps!
or bring her cot in with you and then you can keep an eye on her and not feed her IYKWIM. She may find her thumb soon and will use that for during the night instead of a bottle.

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