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FF - Newborn 37 week baby -much more sicky than no 1...what do you think?

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herbgarden Wed 28-Jan-09 11:57:26

DD born on Friday 23rd so only 5 days old by c-section and at 37 weeks . She's FF and weighs only 5lbs 10oz now. She is my second child - I have a ds of 2.6 years

She is exceptionally sleepy ie she sleeps most of the day and night and doesn't wake looking for a feed so I've been rousing her every 3 hours to get 2/3 oz in her which she fairly willingly takes.

She is hard to burp - I recall DS also born by ECS and at 38 weeks - was quite sleepy at first but not as such - and we'd rouse to feed - but he'd drink, burp and that was it.

DD won't burp easily if at all and then you put her down and she'll spit up bits of milk in her sleep over a period of time and sometimes up to an hour or so later and this disturbs her....

I just wonder if you have any experience of this and do they grow out of it ?

PuzzleRocks Wed 28-Jan-09 14:22:39

Bumping for you.

foxytocin Wed 28-Jan-09 15:26:00

after feeding, if you can keep her upright as long as possible and keep doing your daily business, it may help...

i suggest a stretchy wrap sling - with a muslin strategically placed between you 2.

the upright carry in this page is what i had in mind.

Runoutofideas Wed 28-Jan-09 15:45:27

Hi, Congratulations on the new baby!
My dd1 was very similar. 5lb 15oz born at 37.5 wks. FF as completely refused to BF. She struggled to get her wind up too initially - sometimes we were winding her for an hour after feeding. I found gripewater helped this a bit, as did keeping her upright. The sleepiness disappeared by about 2 weeks if i remember correctly - she seemed to suddenly have much longer spells of being properly awake. I think I could stop winding her completely by about 6 months but it does get easier as their systems get better at dealing with it.

It sounds like you're doing the right thing in waking her up to take her feeds. I think my daughter would have happily slept all day without food given half a chance.

She's now nearly 4 years old and while being petite, is well within expected height/weight for her age. She's still not overly bothered about food though - seems to be missing the feeling of hunger ( wish I was!) as I still have to persuade her to eat occasionally.
Sounds like you're doing all the right things - good luck!

herbgarden Wed 28-Jan-09 18:18:10

Thanks both of you for your advice. I spoke to the HV today and she did say that she might grow out of her sicky stage.....we'll see. She even opened her eyes for 20 mins or so this afternoon but has now slept ever since. And it's nearly bedtime - the only difference for her being that she'll go into a bed in a dark room rather than her snoozing in front of the telly ! What a life eh?

LittleMissNorty Thu 29-Jan-09 09:30:26

Herb - have you tried infacol. My DD was FF and this worked wonders for us.....

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