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BF baby holding onto wind - slight return

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jumpjockey Mon 26-Jan-09 18:59:38

I got some great help from grendle and tiktok with this before but am now stuck again...

dd is now 8 weeks and definitely has wind issues - an hour or so after a feed will bring up a big burp and then be hungry again as her tummy has more space in it, so feeding is often blurring into one long marathon. she also farts lots in sessions of about 5 minutes of squirming - i can hear it rumbling around in her guts. it comes at different times of the day so not linked to niight feeds or anything else that i can see. i'm better at knowing when she's hungry so there's less of the impatient yelling which had been a problem before.

i've had her latch checked by two different bf counsellors both of whom said it's fine, though i can hear the air in her tummy (she makes little squeaky sort of burpy noises while she's feeding, not actual burps but presumably some of the air coming back). i carry her in a sling for about 4-6 hours a day (she won't nap anywhere else which is a whole different issue ) we've tried her with colief, infacol and gripe water to no avail. She's been like this for over a month - inconsolable screaming with lots of farts and writhing. i'm sure this amount of it can't be normal newborn windiness

we wind her during and after feeds, try the tiger in the tree position, sling her, hold her upright after feeds, use upright feeding positions etc etc. is there anything else we can try before i start cutting everything out of my diet? it doesn't seem to be just colic* as it's definitely physical distress followed up by production of wind from one or both ends.

* when i say 'just' colic i mean something that hopefully she'd grow out of in a month or so

TheProvincialLady Mon 26-Jan-09 19:10:52

My DS2 sounds quite similar at 5 weeks but we have had some success with infacol, plus winding at the first sign of fussing or there being noises in his tummy whilst feeding. I have also tried lying back to feed as my letdown is v fast, which helps some times but not others.

I have just given up dairy, but this makes sense for us as DS1 is still dairy intolerant at 2.5 and I was as a child.

It is a nightmare but don't be tempted to blame the BF. DS1 was bottle fed EBM and was just the samehmm

TheProvincialLady Mon 26-Jan-09 19:12:53

Meant to say, we wind about 5 or 6 times per feed, which seems to help and luckily doesn't annoy him too much.

iMum Mon 26-Jan-09 19:15:47

my ds is 12 weeks now and could be the smae baby as you describe-thisng do improve by 12 weeks tho, that said he is still very windy but seems more able to bring it up himself and with gentle patting. But yes feeding is frequent but its not for long really!

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