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3 mnth DD - how to change from size 2 to size 3 teat?

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elliederby Sun 25-Jan-09 10:10:07

Our DD is 3 months and seems to be getting frustrated with the size 2 teat when she is really hungry but chokes on the milk when we try a size 3. Is there an in-between alternative? Any other tips on how to change over?

mad4mybaby Sun 25-Jan-09 10:17:30

you could make the hole bigger on the size 2 my piercing in with a sterile needle/tip of sharp knife

yarrow5 Sun 25-Jan-09 20:49:09

what bottles do you use? tommy tippee have a vari-flow teat so the baby can semi regulate the flow. the harder they suck the more they get. not sure if other makes do the same thing.

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