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where's my let down reflex gone....

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nickymorris Sat 24-Jan-09 19:58:18

Weirdly today I haven't been aware of my let down reflex at all. DS (5.5 mo) has fed seemingly normally but whereas I always used to get a very strong and tingly let-down today I didin't feel it at all in either breast...

Is this anything to worry about?

MarlaSinger Sat 24-Jan-09 19:59:32

Hi Nicky, I wouldn't be worried about this, you say he has fed normally - in 15 months I have only felt my let-down a handful of times.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 24-Jan-09 20:00:41

I used to have a really spiky let-down reflex, particularly in my early days BFing DS2. And then it stopped hurting. Thankfully.

If you weren't letting down, trust me, your DS would let you know!

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-Jan-09 20:00:56

Your prolactin levels go down at about four months when your milk supply has settled down - you may also find your boobs feel empty - they aren't. But your boobs are perfectly calibrated for your little one. Don't worry

nickymorris Sat 24-Jan-09 20:05:44

Sounds logical thank you.
I have also thought that boobs feel emptier but wasn't worrying about that yet - and now definitely won't smile

callmeovercautious Sat 24-Jan-09 20:09:25

agree with wmmc - the letdown is less and less recognisable as time goes on. Same with boobs being so full and large!

fledtoscotland Sat 24-Jan-09 21:33:58

I havent felt my let-down reflex for about a month now (been feeding 21weeks grin) and my boobs only feel really full when DS2 is due a feed and he generally wakes within 5 mins of me recognising the full feeling so i totally agree with whomovedmychocolate saying that they are perfectly calibrated to your LO

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