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EBM ... some questions

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BorgLady Thu 22-Jan-09 19:20:59

Hello all,

After six months, I have finally got the knack of expressing my milk today! Suddenly a world of options is open to me! But I have some questions I am hoping someone helpful can answer.

1. I have put it in a little sterilised pot in the fridge. Would it be ok to open the same pot a bit later and squirt some more in when I have more time on my hands? Or does it have to be a different container every time?
2. How long does EBM store in the fridge?
3. Is it worth buying a pump? I haven't managed to get that much out, would a pump be more efficient? And would electric be better than manual?

TIA to anyone who can help!

no1putsbabyinthecorner Thu 22-Jan-09 19:30:02

Hi, I am led to believe that yes you can add to the milk already expressed, but only on the same day.
I currently do this when I only get a small amount at one session.
I find electric to be more efficient tbh. Also I try when possible to BF and express at the same time as I always produce more. I think if stored at the back of the fridge not in the door can last 5-7 days. I personally don't use it after 3 days. I try to freeze it when ever I can.

I am no expert, so don't take my word for it.grin the website kellymom had fantastic advice. Sorry can't do links.

Olihan Thu 22-Jan-09 19:35:10

Well done - freedom looms for you grin.

1. You can add to milk that's already in the fridge but you have to let the new milk cool before you mix them. If you add body temp milk to fridge cold milk then the cold milk warms again which isn;t good for bacteria growth, etc. But once it's all cold then you can add to it.

Some info here on storing, etc.

3. Some people find hand expressing easier than a pump but it depends on the person. Likewise with electric v manual.

Personally, I found a pump much better and more efficient. I had an Avent Isis which was fab for just occasional pumping sessions - comfy, got plenty of milk out. I also had an Ameda Lactaline double elctric which was great when I was pumping regularly.

I think the NCT hire them so you could try one before you splash out of. is also very good for pumping advice and they sell everything you could possibly need too.

mothersmilk Thu 22-Jan-09 19:35:41

well done first off expressing is an art form many of us never master (its taken me two children to get half way there)
pumps are not as effective as hand expressing as they use suction rather than squeezing and babies use a method of squeezing the breast to get there milk hence why hand expressing works better (once you've got the knack of it)
i'd continue to master hand expression if i were you (its also much cheeper)

breast milk storage guidlines are as follows

room temp 6hrs
fridge 5 to 10c 3 days
fridge o to 4c 8days
freezer -18c or lower 6months
defrosted in fridge 12hrs
defrosted outside of fridge use immediately
if any breast milk smells or tastes off do not use it

adding to previously expressed milk within 24hrs is fine

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