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Am surprised

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eidsvold Mon 04-Apr-05 05:39:16

I was unable to breast feed dd1 for a number of reasons and so found the whole breastfeeding saga with dd2 quite a struggle early on. SHe was not latching properly, bout of thrush, having formula top ups and so on


no 4 and a half months later she is almost solely breastfed ( perhaps one bottle of formula a week if dh is caring for her) and that is it. I am surprised how confident I feel about all of this and how I am reluctant to wean her early especially as I was sure I would bottle feed her from day one given my situation.

SOrry to ramble just feeling a little proud of myself and pleased how it is all working out and finally how easy it all is.... NOW - it took a while to get established but I did it.

suzywong Mon 04-Apr-05 06:30:49

Hearty pat on the back to you!!!!!! well done
Have you joined the Australian Breastfeeding Association? They have coffee mornings and picnincs and meet -ups?

and are you on msn?

eidsvold Mon 04-Apr-05 08:01:33

no to both have a friend who is a member and she has been so supportive - giving me magazines and booklets and such to read and supportive with helpful advice.

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 08:03:55

good for you

dinosaur Tue 05-Apr-05 12:12:22

eidsvold that's really good

bonym Tue 05-Apr-05 12:13:46

Brilliant - well done!

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