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Any extended BF get mastitis/blocked ducts?

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kittywise Mon 19-Jan-09 13:55:59

Just wondered. I got one at the weekend, thought I had pulled a muscle at first. So didn't expect to get a boob blockage with ds at 21 months!

I've had them when the babes have been small, as you do.

How many peeps here have had them with older babies/toddlers? smile

sherby Mon 19-Jan-09 13:59:21

Mastitis with DS when he was 14 months. My own fault I didn't feed him all day because we were around some family who WOULD NOT approve and ended up with a horrible dose the next day.

And just got over a blocked duct, which I got because DS was feeding all night (he was ill) and was sleeping with his head on my breast hmm

kittywise Mon 19-Jan-09 14:01:48

Oh. so it can happen quite easily then?

vlc Mon 19-Jan-09 23:26:07

I got one at the weekend too, after months without them. I hadn't fed dd (18mths) for maybe 7 or 8 hours which never usually happens. Quick ping of the plug and we were back on track again though.

I got them regularly until 6 months when they really slowed down.

CharCharGabor Mon 19-Jan-09 23:34:35

I never had them when DD was younger. Got my first one when she was about 13/14 months I think. I've got a feeling there's one brewing now, keep getting a sharp pain in my boob but I can't find a lump so far.

Grendle Tue 20-Jan-09 00:01:37

Yes repeatedly. I've had mastitis when each of mine was around 12 months too. Since about April I must have had a good dozen blocked ducts. Dd is 17 months.

SamJamsmum Tue 20-Jan-09 06:20:38

Blocked duct when DD was 13 months (not exactly extended but certainly not a newborn). Managed to clear it with a lot of compresses and massage - phew.

petrovia Tue 20-Jan-09 06:49:28

Yes several over the summer, ie between 10/17 months. Horrible sad

None since about 2 months ago but am terrified of more so am trying to wean off.

petrovia Tue 20-Jan-09 06:49:59

Btw never had one at all with 16m of ds1

or until ds2 was 10mo

PortAndLemon Tue 20-Jan-09 07:19:26

No, with both DCs had a blocked duct at around 7.5 months but not before or since (bf DS until 38 months, DD only 9.5 months old so not into "extended" territory yet).

kittywise Tue 20-Jan-09 12:45:06

Thanks for all the repliessmile

Mine seems to be going down slowly of its own accord.

I wonder why they happen though? I can understand with little ones but with old hands? One would think that the machinery was efficient enough to keep things flowing nicely!!

One thing that they always say on any info on this is that it needs to be sorted like YESTERDAY or your boob will blow up and the world will endwink.
Having spoken to a dr friend of mine she said to go and see them if the blockage hadn't cleared in a fortnight!

I suppose if one is otherwise well them it's not an infection.

Ah well, let's hope there are no more blockages to come!

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