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Losec Mups, how to give to a bf baby?

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jellybeans Sun 18-Jan-09 20:36:43

Hi DS is 10 weeks with severe acid reflux. Has been on Omeprazole and Domperidone which seemed to be helping after 1-2 weeks (although he still refluxes and chokes alot) but he has got bad again (very irritable) the last few days. I am wondering if it is as he is 2lbs heavier than when he was prescribed this amount but not sure. Have an apointment at the hosp soon but had to wait ages for it.

Anyway, last time was prescribed Omeprozole gastric tabs which disolved into a pink liquid. He hated it but we got it doen him. However, my new script contained Losec 'mups' which seems to have lots of little granules/beads in even when 'disolved'. When 10ml is disolved I am supposed to get 2.5ml for the does but do I get the granules at the bottom or the watery bit, how do I know if am getting 1/4 of the actual tablet. I am terrified of choking DS with it and unsure to get it down him. He looks like it tastes gross and spits it out and looks like he may gag any minute. That was with cooll boiled water in a syringe, with expressed milk it all stuck in the teat. Has anyone with a small baby succsessfully given these tablets? Thanks in advance.

jellybeans Mon 19-Jan-09 12:47:21

bump out of desperation!

MrsPuddleduck Mon 19-Jan-09 12:55:13

My DS2 has Omeperazole - the pharmacist sends the prescription away to a company called Lexon who can turn any tablets into liquid. It is a bit of a pain because you have to keep it in the fridge and it has a sell by date of about 14 days but it is much easier than tablets.

girrafey Mon 19-Jan-09 13:04:29

hi. my ds who is 15 months now went through months of hell with silent reflux. he was so bad we only weaned him at 9 months, still being seen monthly at the hospital, spent alot of time admitted for dehydration etc so i know what it is like.
anyway he is on omeprazole. you can get a liquid form. ours lasts longer than 2 weeks and doesnt have to be refridgerated either. It does however take 5-7 days for it to come in. we use tesco pharmacy and we had tablets at first, then we got chatting to the pharmarcist one day and he realised it was for a baby and changed it straight away.

jellybeans Mon 19-Jan-09 19:20:48

Thankyou both. I rang the hospital pharmacy and they said they don't do a liquid form. I have to use the hospital pharmacy so can't try elsewhere don't think. I will ask the paeds at my next apt. DS seemed to take his meds better today though i ended up with little beads all over my boob after a feed! I so hope he grows out of this horrid illness soon, it's awful.

jellybeans Fri 06-Feb-09 09:44:23

Hi I managed to get liquid after a while but it tastes yukky like salt. Does anyone know if I can flavour it? Or order a flavoured one. Thanks.

jkb Sat 16-May-09 21:55:06


I too have the exact same problem as this- my 6 week old baby has been given losec mups- we have been told to put the 10mg tablet in 10mls of cooled boiled water, once dissolved, to draw up 3 mls & give it to her... however, it does not fully dissolve!! I have researched this on the web & it says that the bits that are not dissolved are microcapsles & that these are what are needed to go into the tummy... how the hell do I know im drawing up the right amount of these into the syringe?? she will either be getting too much or too little? how do i know how much of these capsules are in the liquid..if any??? as these seem to sit at the bottom & are impossible to draw up?

How do i get it in liquid form?? whats it called

thank u in advance

dilanmum Fri 04-Sep-09 12:58:38

I have used the losec mups tablets and found I had the same issues as you (granules at the bottom and how much to give etc). I get the suspension instead. Ask your GP for the Omeprazole 10mg in 5ml solution. It gets made somewhere that it not the pharmacy and gets delivered there. My son is also on Domperidone and Gaviscon. The dose of Domperidone is related to the baby's weight, so when you get baby weighed, call up the GP, give them the weight and they will let you know the adjusted dose. Keep some losec mups tablets incase you run out of suspension before you get the next lot.

RayAnne Mon 14-Sep-09 12:39:14

I put the Losec Mups tab in a plastic medicine spoon and add a tiny amount of freshly boiled water on it, this dissolves it immediately - then I dissolve a tiny bit of brown sugar in the spoon also (to improve the taste) and "feed" this to my baby - using a second spoon to "scrape" all the meds into his little mouth. This method works best for me - all the other ways (syringe, in a bottle etc.) didn't work as he hated the taste and would gag, and most times ended up vomiting it all up and I didn't have a clue how much of it, ended up in his tummy. This way is quick and simple.

haventsleptforayear Mon 14-Sep-09 12:42:18

We had the granules that we had to count out shock for DS2.

He started on them at 4 mths and the pead told us to put them in a spoonful of apple purée.

This was when advice to wean was 6 mths.

10 weeks is very young but could you do just one spoon of purée a day? You could freeze ice-cubes of it and defrost.

(disclaimer, both DS were weaned onto solids at 6 mths so I have no idea if a 10 week-old would even take a spoon of purée.)

PindyPot Wed 06-Jan-10 02:13:30

Hi everyone,
This is a major problem. My boy is now 4 and a half months and has been on Losec (omeprazole) since he was 3 months old.

First they gave us the tablets which we had to open up and get the granules out of. We were told to disolve these in breast milk or water, but found that they did not disolve.

We then tried hiding them in pureed pear. Our wee lad liked the pear despite being far too young for food, but was horrified by the tiny hard granules that separated from the pear and made him gag and cry. We discontinued this method, concerned that his first food experience should not be so traumatic.

We are now using the liquid form that must be kept in the fridge. Bub hates the taste. I have now realised a big part of his dislike is due to it being cold out of the fridge so I have been taking the dose out and warming the syringe in my hand. He tries to spit it out but if I give it to him while he's playing on his back, very slowly he takes it.

I like RayAnnes idea with the granules and am keen to try this. Good luck. I hope they grow out of it soon.

safamom Sat 09-Oct-10 23:07:09

Hi, my 4 month old son was given Losec MUPS 10mg by a paediatrician, to treat reflux (half a tablet a day, twice a day). Initially, I administered these the hard way, by crushing the half tablet between two spoons, and attempting to mix whatever was left (most of it went flying!), with some expressed breast milk. This took time and made baby and me very anxious. I'm not sure how much was actually consumed - there was a lot of spitting out! Baby is not yet on solids, so I was at a loss for what else to do.

On advice from the paed, I now dissolve half a tablet in 5ml of non-alcoholic gripe water (the Woodward's dill-based one); it takes about 5 mins. I administer this via syringe, prior to breastfeeding, morning and night, and it goes in perfectly - baby drinks it at his own pace. No problem. It's now an established part of the morning / bedtime ritual. I just make sure that the granules sink to the "open" end of the syringe, and reach baby's mouth, and don't remain in the syringe - by releasing the liquid slowly, you can gently coax the granules in the right direction.

The package insert recommends that the tablets should not be dissolved more than 30 mins before use, if maximum effectiveness is to be gained; I've heard this from other "reflux mums", too. These mums also recommend keeping baby fairly upright, for quite some time after a feed, to prevent reflux. Interesting to see that Losec is available in the UK; I had it prescribed in S.Africa, and yet my UK GP flinched and whinced at the thought of prescribing it "for a baby" (!!) and has referred me to a UK paed, to prescribe any further doses (he flinches at prescribing anything for anyone, so now I (and baby) have to wait several weeks for further medical support...!) Also interesting that it's available in liquid form, as the package insert does not indicate this.

Strength to you all!

Bobbiesmum Sun 10-Oct-10 00:14:20

I dissolved it in apple juice and a pinch of caster sugar- needs must and it worked. I think I also tried ebm. It's he'll but they do grow out of it, no consolation now though.

OzMum76 Wed 05-Nov-14 06:13:46

OMG thanks safamom :-) great idea to mix with gripe water. My little one is only 6 weeks old but suffers terribly from wind. We'd tried Infacol and Gripe water but they didn't seem to settle her too much. The paed prescribed Losec to help her reflux (altho she doesn't spit up much at all) but I was still worried about burping so the chemist said that I could still give her Gripe water if needed but mixing it solves my worries. Fingers crossed it works. grin

MissRatty Fri 07-Nov-14 13:52:48

Firstly you must never dissolve losec mups in milk or yogurt, or crush it. The granules will be ineffective then.

If someone is on 3mg...nightmare. We were on 7 and just thought that was crap so gave 10 instead, so we didn't have to muck about trying to get the granules to suspend in the water. You can safely do that, but ok it with your paed or GP.

We use a pill cutter to chop the pills without affecting the contents, just cut one of the pills in half and they dissolve much quicker. We use a small amount of water and use a calpol syringe as the beads don't clog this. Then just squirt in the back of the throat or in the corner of the cheek.

The suspension is not as effective as the losec mups tablets, have a very short life (it is now suggested it looses it's effectiveness after five days of being opened) and is very expensive...hence the NHS are reluctant to prescribe it unless there are exceptional circumstances. X

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