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Thrush and Daktarin

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ZoeC Sat 02-Apr-05 21:58:54

Just a quick silly question - dd2 (2 weeks old) has oral thrush and a touch of nappy thrush so I have been prescribed Nayastin drops for her and daktarin for my nipples to prevent reinfection - do I need to wash it off before feeding? I've applied it just after a feed so there'll be a reasonable gap before next feed (maybe ) but will I need to wash it off?



swiperfox Sat 02-Apr-05 22:01:59

I would think probably no - ds was prescribed daktarin for thrush on his tongue so i dont see what harm it would do. If anything it's probably better to get it into her mouth to kill it off.

swiperfox Sat 02-Apr-05 22:03:16

would double check all the leaflet though and see what it says

sizeofahouse Sun 03-Apr-05 22:11:34

When I had thrush there were two types of daktarin you could get, one was oral which I used on ds, and one for my nipples. My health visitor did advise me to wash it off before I fed again, although to apply after a feed so the time between is probably long enough for it to wear off. But it is worth doing. Also for you eat lots of bio yogurt and I took acidolphilus, because my thrush went into my breast ducts and was a pig to get rid off. If you are craving sugar, knock that out as well. But its good its been diagnosed quick and I'm sure you'll be clear very soon. Washing hands well (sorry if this seems very obvious) and keeping nappy area clean, changing towels often, not sharing towels etc is important too. If you have any problem shifting thrush please post again, particularly if latching on becomes more painful as the weeks go on (I know its painful now but that'll get better!) as there's lots you can do to sort it out, my ds was fine all the time he had thrush and was a real bruiser, so don't worry. Its more painful I think for us - typical!

eidsvold Mon 04-Apr-05 05:33:05

Zoe when I had this for dd2 - I was not told to wash it off - just apply it after each feed. The GP did say to use the gel on dd2 if I could not get the drops as she was unsure whether they were still available. Dd2 was not very old when she had this so I imagine if it needed to be washed off she would not have prescribed it iyswim.

ZoeC Mon 04-Apr-05 14:35:32

Thanks everyone

I've been using the daktarin twice a day and trying deliberately to apply it just after a feed so I don't need to wash it off, and they feel less sensitive. i thankfully never got to the really painful stage as dd2 was showing signs before me, and the nystatin drops have worked wonders in her mouth already! Going to keep using everyone for several days to be sure it's gone, then any pain I'm left with will be back to my original concern of latching.

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