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Please somebody talk to me about self-weaning....

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GrimbleTheResourceful Thu 15-Jan-09 22:33:55

...cos DS is 2.6 and shows no signs of giving it up, ever.

He won't be asking for it at 8yo, will he?

mawbroon Thu 15-Jan-09 22:35:06

They all give up eventually. But I am still waiting for 3.2yo ds to show any signs whatsoever.

Have you read LLLs How Weaning Happens?

GrimbleTheResourceful Thu 15-Jan-09 22:35:52

No. Thanks mawbroon, over to amazon...

mawbroon Thu 15-Jan-09 22:44:50

I would send you mine, but I have lent it to somebody.

DS doesn't seem to have read it......

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 15-Jan-09 22:48:04

Dd (2.11) showing no signs either, despite me having got through a whole pregnancy with obviously less milk than normal. Think she'll want to carry on as long as her brother does now, so a good few years yet hmm.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 15-Jan-09 22:55:59

Ditto! DD is 2.2 and I thought she was weaning but it turned out she just had yet another bloody tooth coming through hmm

DD now specifies which one she'd like as well hmm

mawbroon Thu 15-Jan-09 23:00:17

LOL, whomovedmychocolate. My ds always says which one he wants first too.

GrimbleTheResourceful Thu 15-Jan-09 23:01:43

I find it maddening in the early hours. He comes into our bed anytime between 3 and 6am and then just swaps from one side to the other till we get up. (He must sleep a bit too, but that's what it feels like, iyswim).

I find it very difficult to refuse though, impossible really, his cries really get to me.

Caz10 Thu 15-Jan-09 23:04:31

Oh god i clicked on this hoping to read reassuring stories of babies self weaning at around 2ish...DD is only 13mths and I'm looking forward to not feeding her anymore AND dreading it in equal measures...

mawbroon Thu 15-Jan-09 23:07:34

Grimble, my ds used to do that swapping sides all night thing, clambering over me to get to the other one.

Then, a few months ago, he just stopped doing it. Now he unlatches and rolls over and goes to sleep.

This, from the boy who had to be latched on at all times if we were in the same bed, so it could well be that your ds will stop doing it soon.

GrimbleTheResourceful Fri 16-Jan-09 15:01:34

Oh thankyou, thankyou mawbroon. I really would prefer to be led by him.

mawbroon Fri 16-Jan-09 21:41:38

Please don't come to punch me if he doesn't stop it though. shockgrin

Does he do the bobbing from side to side through the day as well? I was getting well pissed of with it when ds stopped that at well. But I can't for the life of me remember if they happened at the same time.

I know what you mean about wanting to be led. I learned the hard way that it is easier to go with my ds than against him.

It makes it sound like he rules the roost, but I can assure you he doesn't. I am happy that we have reached a compromise which suits us best as a family.

Metatron Fri 16-Jan-09 21:49:31

erm, i tandem feed for nearly two years. Eventually weaned the older one off with a weaning gift of a gold ring. She was over 4. She had a few feeds after then a few weeks gap and had lost her ability to get any milk out.

suspect she might have been still feeding now at rising 5 tbh, if i hadn't seriously encouraged it.

I did wait until the wee one was rarely feeding in the day though so it wasn't in her face so to speak. grin

never expected to be bf for nearly 5 years, and counting lol!

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